Today’s Treasure

We love her. We really do. We had to have this photograph on account of the unique colours. Most portraits are blue or yellow, not coral. Do you think it is coral? Do you think the Royal Photographer thought it was coral? This photograph, along with a matching one of Prince Phillip, will likely go at the top of the stairs to our second floor so we can see her each time we go up; so we can say goodnight to her on our way by or perhaps even just a “Hey girl!”. God save the Queens.


Their Royal Highnesses have been hung!

Isn’t Prince Philip dashing?

Today’s Treasure

Scott Barnim pottery. I coveted this piece, along with the matching tureen, through the window of Details for weeks on end. I finally ended the torture and bought it. It’s uniqueness, beautiful colours and shape are exciting and inspiring. I have it placed on my bedside table so I can enjoy it each morning and night. This piece is not your typical milk or carnival glass, although beautiful in their own way; It is special and it is mine.

Today’s Treasure

I had to have it. I saw it and instantly knew I had to have it

We sold the contents of our last home and as a result got to go on an extended shopping spree this summer. Every weekend we packed a lunch and set out to shop and visit our favourite antique and vintage shops. One Saturday we were at Annie’s Acres and on a shopping tear. “We’ll take that… that… AND that!”. Having run out of merchandise to show us, Annie took us into her overflow storage area – her garage. She lifted the garage door and there it was against the side wall.

A -“Oh…um… well”
C -“Come on! How much?”
A -“Well I was thinking I would make a mirror out of it. I don’t think it’s for sale”
C – “Of course it’s for sale. How much?”

I had to have it! Eventually she relented, yelped a price and an agreement was made. An agreement was also made with self to not be, in future, an antique bully.

Into the back of the car it went and into the storage locker it would sit for another few weeks. It has finally, like our house from the vinyl siding, been freed from its cage and is ready to soar. It will be hung in the dining room as it is the inspiration for the paint colours that will eventually adorn the walls of that room. The question now is, do we hang anything in the middle of it and if so, what? My framed portrait of Queen Elizabeth, Queen of Canada?

What this is, in case you are wondering, is a frame for the 9th Station of the Cross (Jesus falls the third time). It hung in a local church for many years before it was taken down and eventually found its way into our home. I love it.

If you are wondering about the house renovation, so are we. Things are at a bit of a standstill right now on account of life. In the meantime, enjoy today’s treasure!

Today’s treasure

The Hudson’s Bay Blanket is one of our most recognizable national symbols (in my humble opinion), and I have wanted one for a long time.  I love the vintage look, and as an accessory they scream ‘true North strong and free’.  Lately they have become de rigueur, and I have been seeing them pop up in design magazines all over the place (like here, and here, and here, and finally here).

All this attention they have been getting has ramped up my need for one, and so a few weeks ago is spoke to our friend JB (The Antique Whisperer).  We have over the past few months gotten to know JB a little bit, as he is a bit of an antique wheeler and dealer, and has a small antique shop in his basement.  We call him the antique whisperer as he seems to have an uncanny ability to unearth just what we are looking for (more about JB later).

I called JB and spoke to him about the fact that I was looking for a HBC Blanket, and asked him if he had any for sale.  I was originally looking for the traditional multi-coloured blanket, but also spoke to him about the holy grail of HBC Blankets, the “Coronation Blanket”.

In 1937 (for one year only) HBC produced and issued a blanket to commemorate the coronation of King George VI.  Imperial blue with red stripes and points, this is one of the rarest HBC blankets.

Once again, in 1953, HBC produced and issued a blanket to commemorate a coronation, this time for HM Queen Elizabeth II.  Also very rare, this blanket is Imperial purple with white stripes and points.

About two days after I spoke to JB he called and said he had a blanket for me, and asked me if I wanted to come over and take a look.  The next day, C. and I took a drive to go see JB and lo and behold, look what he had for me………!

A blanket fit for a queen.

This blanket makes me very happy.