Parlour – Reveal

We were recently hired by a local organization to redecorate and re-imagine their multi-purpose room, or parlour, as they call it.  These types of rooms can be quite challenging due to the fact that they have a variety of uses, and are required at times to be all things to all people.  Not an easy decorating feat to overcome!

In speaking to our clients, we discovered that the feeling they wanted the room to invoke was that of a cozy and inviting living room.  With that, and a few discussions about paint colours and upholstery fabrics, we were off to the races.

We chose Behr’s “Cornmeal” for the walls, and picked out some accents and details in the columns with Behr’s “Yam”.  We then chose a variety of fabrics in beige and blue to reupholster a variety of furniture pieces, drawing our overall inspiration from the two beautiful stained glass windows in the room.

We edited a lot of the furniture out, and are happy to say that everything we used in the room was there already with the exception of the coffee table and the 2 upholstered chairs at the head of the table, and the 4 wooden chairs.

A special thank you to two local artists, Rebecca Ford who donated the triptych above the couch, and Lorna Mullen-Gaudet who donated the lovely scene in the corner above the loveseat, both of which were painted especially for this space.

Without further ado, the reveal.  We hope you enjoy.

Even Jesus deserves a vignette.


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Reveal – Last Three Rooms

The guest room of many houses is often the forgotten room. People don’t always pay much attention to the way they are decorated and often become a storage closet or “catch all” room. Although ours has the potential to become either of those we do however try to make our guest rooms as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. After all, we do have to look at it every day!

This room is more rustic than the others in our house. The wall colour was already a lovely taupe so we left it and “worked with what we had”. The bed has a classic metal frame and is accented nicely by the quilt that was a gift from Craig’s mother, Jane. The throw pillows are former Today’s Treasure’s and they too are a nice complement. The piece above the bed is an organ topper. We found it at the back of an antique shop and thought it would make an excellent addition to almost any room! The green desk beside the bed was also a gift from mother Jane. It used to be in her house and was coveted by Craig.

We both LOVE the dresser! It is in excellent condition, has the perfect amount of detail on it and a gorgeous marble top. The sewing machine in this room belonged to Craig’s grandmother and it still works! The few wooden pieces on top and around we’ve picked up in various places. However, the “Edison lamp” at the very top was  gift from Santa and I believe he got it at Cottage Industry – of course. The wreath was hand made by florist and decorator to the local stars, Mike Robison.

This downstairs bathroom/laundry room is huge! It is a great addition to the main floor but given its prominence needed a little sprucing up. With the theme of fresh and light laundry a la fabric softener commercial we went with a sky blue for the walls (Behr’s Little Pond) and acid green accents. The curtain underneath the cabinets was made by us and adds a lovely decorative detail to the room.

Every house needs an appropriate entryway if only to avoid stepping in our sock feet in those incredibly annoying puddles our boot and shoes leave. When we moved into this house it didn’t have a dedicated entry so we turned this pantry (which had an exterior but was never used) into one. It is a small, but incredibly useful, space so we went with bead board on the walls to make it feel taller but, cozy. We used our go-to white paint, Behr’s Pot of Creme, on the bead board and accented the area with black, wrought iron hooks and a black bench. The wood on the light was painted black to match and is from a local antique shop.

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Reveal – Kitchen

Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of a home. If this is true, the kitchen in the home we purchased was like some hearts – a little broken. The foundation of a good kitchen was here, it just needed some revamping.

First of all, the first photo below shows a door to the left and tile all the way down the hall. We removed the door and replaced the tile with hardwood to create flow and consistency. For the layout in this house, we felt the kitchen needed to feel like a separate room. In the same photo you can see an island/bar attached to the chimney. We removed that as it was awkwardly placed not allowing enough room for a table. We salvaged the base of it, added a smaller counter top and turned it into an island. The kitchen now has much more useable space with a practical island and is overall, more comfortable.

Lighting! This kitchen only had one light fixture and a few running lights under the upper cupboards. We had five pot lights installed – which added some much needed life and atmosphere to the room. We also took off the window coverings and put in a new door with a 3/4 length glass window. Most people automatically go with frosted glass for doors but before jumping to that option, consider where the door is placed and the privacy it will or will not afford. For example, our front door is the exact same as the back but it has frosted glass. The back door, however, leads out onto our deck and backyard therefore, privacy is not as much of a concern. Clear glass allows for more natural light.

We worked with what we had with this kitchen. We knew we weren’t going to change the flooring, so we chose a counter top that was a darker blue than found in the floor so as to match and for consistency. The wall colour (Rain Drop from Behr) is a mix of blue/grey found in the floor and complements the counter-top. The backsplash is the visual focal point of this room and ties in all of the colours all the while offering a pop of colour with the black tiles – these also provide an anchor for the eye.

We kept some of the hardware that were on the cupboard but changed the knobs on the doors for handles. This offers a more streamlined and updated look to the relatively new cabinets. The two wall hangings offer another excellent punch of colour and of course, are excellent conversation pieces. FYI, we paid $5 each for them at an auction! The green lamp will not stay in the kitchen as it does not match, but she is so fierce we decided to leave her for another little while.

The kitchen was the very last room to be finished in our house. Our home, and hearts are now complete.



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Reveal – Dining Room

The dining room, oh, the dining room. This room doubled as a storage locker for three of the four months we were renovating. During that time it looked like nothing more than a dilapidated and melancholy room full of our life. This room was in need of a great deal of love on account of the endless layers of wallpaper on the walls and the lack of appreciation for its beautiful bay window. Before going any further we must give a huge, massive thanks to DIY Doris herself for the three full days she spent stripping the wallpaper in this room. Thank you Doris, you are a true friend… or a bit insane.

The bay window is the natural focal point for this room. Because of this we wanted it “framed” and so we had custom curtains made in a traditional, blue toile. Despite popular belief, custom curtains are not as expensive as one might think. These were made through our local Fabricville and came in just under $300. Given what they add to the room, we were very happy with the price.

The table and chairs was a steal of a deal we found at a local antique shop. The curvature of the base of the table is unique and interesting. The sideboard, which has a similar waterfall front as the table, was only $100 at our local favourite, BC Antiques. We caught Lowell on a VERY good day! The accessories in the room match the colour scheme with the yellow pineapple lamps, bunches of glass grapes and white milk glass. Milk glass is a timeless and simple statement that most everyone loves.

We decided to go with two paint colours on the walls to add an air of formality to the room and visual interest. The blue is “Little Pond” and the yellow “Lemon Pound Cake”, both from Behr. The light fixture is from Ikea and offers excellent light and is a great conversation piece!

We look forward to many dinner parties in our new dining room.

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Reveal – Man Den

This is not a cave and therefore is not a man cave. This is a den. It is a den for a man – one man – and it is therefore a man den.

This is the third bedroom in our house and we turned it into a den so we would each have our own space. I am not much for TV but C is, so he gets this room and I get the living room. Space, quietness and alone time are important to any relationship!

The couch is Steven & Chris, which we custom ordered from Hambly’s. This is our second S&C couch and we love them because of the various styles and fabric choices. Oh yes, they are very affordable as well. We love Hambly’s because they are local, provide excellent customer service and are incredibly knowledgeable. The accent to the couch is the coronation blanket from HBC. You can read about this treasure here.

Above the couch is C’s antler collection. It only took a short few weeks to amass this collection – we were rather surprised to find out exactly how available antlers are, if you just take the time to search for them. On the wall we have: moose, deer, bighorn sheep, long-horned cattle, and up in the right, gazelle. Those babies were purchased on Etsy.

The chair is the popular and oft imitated Barcelona chair. This is an imitation purchased at a Superstore in C’s hometown of Yarmouth, NS, if you can imagine. The chair has served us well and made the cut in terms of not being sold with our last house. The black cabinet also made the cut as it is a family piece given to me many years ago. We updated it recently with the only black paint you will ever need – “Beluga” from Behr. We added some lovely crystal and chrome hardware and voila, a dramatic and utilitarian cabinet was born. The lamp on top of the cabinet is vintage and from the Robin’s Nest Antiques. We loved it the first time we saw it but weren’t willing to pay what it was priced at. Patience pays off – we waited and it went on sale, 50% off! The little bowl beside it was a “Today’s Treasure” a few weeks ago and was a gift from our dear friend Donna. It fits perfectly with the theme of the room.

The TV is a standard flat screen. The fireplace was a must have for C and his cold toes. In that department, the bearskin rug also helps. We loved it when we saw this in the shop but were too afraid to pick it up. The lovely lady in the shop picked it up for us but did remind us “You WILL have to touch this at some point, you know”. We know, just not today.

The paint colour on the walls is “Blackberry Harvest” from Behr and we think it couldn’t be more perfect for the Man Den!

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