Reveal – Master Bedroom

In the past we’ve had good bedrooms. They’ve been functional, comfortable and most importantly, they looked good. However, we’ve never had a “GREAT” bedroom… until now.

When we moved into this house we said we would take the decorating and renovations slower than our last two houses. We had to – we were exhausted. We did take them slower but the redecorating of the bedroom seemed to take forever! We started by painting the bedroom shortly after we moved in. We choose Benjamin Moore’s Adriatic Sea from their Colour Stories collection because of the variation, saturation, and drama in the colour. Shortly after moving in we also purchased the bedding. For the first time in our adult lives we have bedsheets worthy of “Oprah’s favourite things”. Organic Loop sheets are amazing! To cover these gorgeous sheets we purchased a duvet cover from Dwell. All bedding is from Cottage Industry.

Next came the bed. We shopped around a lot for a bed. We needed it to be “right” given it is a significant investment. This bed is right for us and is from AP Industries. Purchased at Hambly’s, the bed is the right size, colour and style. The headboard is covered in a linen similar to the curtains, and originally came with box-stitching but we opted out of that for a more straight forward and clean line. We think the bed is a “big boy” bed for sure – we love it.

Choosing bedside tables and sconces took us a long time. We knew we wanted the complementary paintings by Christine Trainor hung beside the bed so from there chose bedside tables. We went with this “mid century” tables from West Elm because of their size, finish and their vintage look. We chose the sconces (from Cottage Industry) because they are plug in – more affordable and they fit nicely behind the paintings.  We purchased the ceiling fixture from Harris House Antique Lighting in Annapolis Royal.  It is a custom piece that the owner made out of reclaimed antique lighting parts.  They also have a large (and amazing) collection of restored antique lighting for sale.

The curtains are off the shelf linen from Fabricville. To customize them we added bands of matching fabric to the bottom and top. These colours work well with the rest of the room. The rug was $79 from Home Depot. From time to time they have gems like this.

Our bedroom is finally finished and we couldn’t be happier. Finally a great bedroom that is the perfect place to retire after a long day.

king master 1king master 2 king master 3 king master 4 king master 5 king master 6 king master 7 king master 8 king master 9

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Berry Fun

As decorators, we love our job. We get to play with colour, furniture and fabrics and better yet, we get to shop all the time! And sometimes we get to work on unique and challenging projects like Berry Healthy.


Berry Healthy is a concept, self-serve frozen yogourt shop that will officially open at 119 Kent St. in Charlottetown, tomorrow. A couple of months ago we were asked by the owner to consult on the overall design and of course we jumped at the chance. Now, we wish we could say we were responsible for the entire design of the store but I am afraid we weren’t. Instead, we helped bring the vision together and consult on some of the finer details.

Pop art – we are so fortunate to have stumbled upon the work of Lowell Productions. This up and coming film-maker was recently hired to shoot the wedding of TV star Elisha Cuthbert and hockey star Dion Phaneuf. We managed to twist the owner’s arm into doing some photography work for us before he got too busy with his videography work. The results are the large “pop art” pieces, printed on canvas, found near the topping section of the store as well as the back wall. These super-cool, original pieces are the perfect accessory to the store. They offer visual interest (as if more is required!) and are a perfect pop of additional colour.

pop art collage

THE COLOURS! How amazing and fun are they? The fuchsia reminds us of our bathroom in our first house. Beyond that, it is a vibrant, inviting colour that makes you want to take a giant bite out of it! The lighter pink and the lime green is reflective of the logo. We provided advice on what walls were to be painted what colour.

Grout colour is important and an often overlooked detail of tile work. People think white is always ok – well, it isn’t. It certainly isn’t in the case of these delicious lime green tiles that must be showcased. To ensure a showcase we choose a steel grey grout colour. This colour is reflective of the stainless steel accents used throughout the shop and is a nice contrast to the green. It helps showcase this beautiful wall.

TilesYogurt Wall

Lights. Ah, the lights. Often in major projects some things will go awry. I don’t want to speak on behalf of the owner but from what we can gather, this project wasn’t almost perfect… until the lights, that is. We ordered five beautiful pendant lights that were to be hung from the bulkhead over the seating area. Alas, the bulkhead turned out to be lower than originally anticipated thus, no room for pendant lights. Instead the always versatile, functional and modern pot lights were installed and of course, look great.

We wish we could lay claim to the design of the main counter, but we can’t. Wow, what a masterpiece. The quartz countertop is what dreams are made of and the shape of it could make a grown man weep. Well… At any rate, it is certainly a beautiful beast and the perfect counter-top to finalize your experience and purchase.


We’ve posted some before, during and after photos below. Be sure to check them out but more important, to check out the shop. To stay up to date on what is happening, free giveaways and contests, be sure to “like” them on Facebook. Have a ‘berry healthy’ day!

pop art bf int bf

Reveal – New Living Room

Finally! Finally our living room and dining room are finished. These rooms were the first ones to be painted/wallpapered when we moved in and all of the furniture arrived on moving day however, they were only “finished” just recently.

The layout of these rooms is fairly common with the living room adjoining the dining room. Something we loved about this house when we first viewed it was the layout and how bright and open everything seemed. These rooms are no exceptions. Although there are pocket doors in between the rooms, the doors are never closed. Also, we found a pair of French doors in the attic that are for the doorway between the entryway and the living room, but for the time being we don’t think we are going to put them back up.

We love colour. Love it. However, for this house we decided to go with a neutral palette as a base and then use pops of colour where we could. The walls in the living room are Cedar Key from Benjamin Moore,  a lovely taupe with a lavender undertone. The couch is linen on which we added some colourful pillows in a purple tone. The chairs also have a linen base but the green pattern adds a nice dynamic. Of course the real show piece in this room is the Dash & Albert wool hooked rug! Oh how we love it so. Nestled away in the corner is a rocking chair that was Craig’s Great Grandfather’s – a great addition. The furniture in this room is from Hambly’s and the rug from Cottage Industry. We can’t thank Julie Hambly enough for her help through our furniture crisis, however; that is a story for another time!

The wallpaper in the dining room was a painstaking task but Craig did an amazing job. It really changed the room and brightened it up. The dining room set has a traditional Shield Back chair, and great inlay details on the apron and legs.  We purchased the set second hand and had the chairs recovered in a striped neutral tone on tone fabric. We love the built in bookcase in the dining room and the mantel over the fireplace as it allows us to showcase many of our treasures and gives us the opportunity to change them up often to create a different look for the room.

Continuity is very important in a space like this. We went for geometric shapes between both rooms to provide some continuity.  We also repeated the soft purples, greens, blues, and coral reds found in the rug in the accent cushions, accessories, and dinnerware. Also, if you notice the colours can also found in the stained glass windows in each room.

We couldn’t be happier with these rooms. We also couldn’t be happier they are finished!

Here is a before pic of both the living room and the dining room, followed by the ‘afters’.

DR before 2

LR after 1LR after 2 LR after 3 LR after 4LR after 5LR after 6DR after 1DR after 2DR after 3DR after 4DR after 5DR after 6DR after 7


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Back From Commercial Break

And we’re back…

We moved. We unpacked… well, mostly. Most of it is unpacked. Well, there is still a lot in boxes but they are out of sight so we don’t talk about that. Instead we talk about our current renovation.

We gutted the main bathroom in our house. The existing bathroom was well done when it was renovated a few years ago, but in the end, too small for our needs. We will post before photos in the reveal post and I think you will agree. Although it is nice, Craig didn’t really fit in the bathroom. Have you seen how broad his shoulders are?

Although we knocked out a wall and took over a storage closet, the foot print of the bathroom isn’t significantly larger. Because of this, we decided to focus on quality and detail. Marble and brushed brass are the name of the game. Take a look at the photos below for a sneak peek of what detail our new, hopefully soon to be completed, bathroom will have.

photo (1)

photo (2)

photo (3)

Reveal – Client’s Bedroom

Well, nothing like a clean slate! This young couple contacted us a while ago for help with their master bedroom. When they moved in the house was full of wallpaper, dated hardware and carpet. They took it upon themselves to undo all this decorating but once they got it undone, weren’t exactly sure how to get it back together. In we came.

A lovely couple to work with, their only wish was to once again make the room functional so we started with the basics – flooring and paint colour. A bedroom they had in a previous home was grey, and they really liked it. However, rather than repeat that colour on the wall we decided instead to put it in the flooring. The grey, with hints of taupe, is beautiful on the floor and offers and neutral palette and a lovely, cozy feeling to the room. Next we moved onto the paint which is a “Harrisburg Green” from Benjamin Moore. The green and grey work very well together.

Another issue with the function of the room was the closet. We called in the Closet Dr. to make it as functional as possible and although you can’t see it, he did a wonderful job. The husband of the couple was able to do much of the other work (flooring, paint etc.) himself so this saved considerably on the budget. He took it upon himself to spray paint the hardware in the room changing it from a harsh brass to a perfectly matched matte black.

Most of the other furniture was already available from within the house. However, we did opt for low profile bedside tables and shorter (but shiny!) lamps due to the slope in the ceiling. The mirrored lamps offer a great bit of pizzazz to the room. The bedspread is a lovely grey that is keeping within the theme of the room. For a punch of colour and visual interest we had pillows and a matching valance custom made. The two, contrasting fabrics work perfectly in the room and help tie all the black together. Purple is the favourite colour of one half of this couple (guess which one!) so purple piping was added to the pillows for an extra hit of colour. Also, the purple rugs work beautifully on the grey floor and offer something nice for their feet when they get out of bed in the morning.

This room is a brilliant example of working with what you have. With the exception of the accessories and bedside tables, everything else was already in the home. With a new lease on life these pieces look beautiful in the new master bedroom that has been put back together and we think, is being enjoyed.

Here are some before pictures from when the couple first moved into the house.

And a few pictures after the room was “taken apart”.

And here’s what the room looks like now.

And a couple more before & afters.