Reveal – Master Bedroom

In the past we’ve had good bedrooms. They’ve been functional, comfortable and most importantly, they looked good. However, we’ve never had a “GREAT” bedroom… until now.

When we moved into this house we said we would take the decorating and renovations slower than our last two houses. We had to – we were exhausted. We did take them slower but the redecorating of the bedroom seemed to take forever! We started by painting the bedroom shortly after we moved in. We choose Benjamin Moore’s Adriatic Sea from their Colour Stories collection because of the variation, saturation, and drama in the colour. Shortly after moving in we also purchased the bedding. For the first time in our adult lives we have bedsheets worthy of “Oprah’s favourite things”. Organic Loop sheets are amazing! To cover these gorgeous sheets we purchased a duvet cover from Dwell. All bedding is from Cottage Industry.

Next came the bed. We shopped around a lot for a bed. We needed it to be “right” given it is a significant investment. This bed is right for us and is from AP Industries. Purchased at Hambly’s, the bed is the right size, colour and style. The headboard is covered in a linen similar to the curtains, and originally came with box-stitching but we opted out of that for a more straight forward and clean line. We think the bed is a “big boy” bed for sure – we love it.

Choosing bedside tables and sconces took us a long time. We knew we wanted the complementary paintings by Christine Trainor hung beside the bed so from there chose bedside tables. We went with this “mid century” tables from West Elm because of their size, finish and their vintage look. We chose the sconces (from Cottage Industry) because they are plug in – more affordable and they fit nicely behind the paintings.  We purchased the ceiling fixture from Harris House Antique Lighting in Annapolis Royal.  It is a custom piece that the owner made out of reclaimed antique lighting parts.  They also have a large (and amazing) collection of restored antique lighting for sale.

The curtains are off the shelf linen from Fabricville. To customize them we added bands of matching fabric to the bottom and top. These colours work well with the rest of the room. The rug was $79 from Home Depot. From time to time they have gems like this.

Our bedroom is finally finished and we couldn’t be happier. Finally a great bedroom that is the perfect place to retire after a long day.

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