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As decorators, we love our job. We get to play with colour, furniture and fabrics and better yet, we get to shop all the time! And sometimes we get to work on unique and challenging projects like Berry Healthy.


Berry Healthy is a concept, self-serve frozen yogourt shop that will officially open at 119 Kent St. in Charlottetown, tomorrow. A couple of months ago we were asked by the owner to consult on the overall design and of course we jumped at the chance. Now, we wish we could say we were responsible for the entire design of the store but I am afraid we weren’t. Instead, we helped bring the vision together and consult on some of the finer details.

Pop art – we are so fortunate to have stumbled upon the work of Lowell Productions. This up and coming film-maker was recently hired to shoot the wedding of TV star Elisha Cuthbert and hockey star Dion Phaneuf. We managed to twist the owner’s arm into doing some photography work for us before he got too busy with his videography work. The results are the large “pop art” pieces, printed on canvas, found near the topping section of the store as well as the back wall. These super-cool, original pieces are the perfect accessory to the store. They offer visual interest (as if more is required!) and are a perfect pop of additional colour.

pop art collage

THE COLOURS! How amazing and fun are they? The fuchsia reminds us of our bathroom in our first house. Beyond that, it is a vibrant, inviting colour that makes you want to take a giant bite out of it! The lighter pink and the lime green is reflective of the logo. We provided advice on what walls were to be painted what colour.

Grout colour is important and an often overlooked detail of tile work. People think white is always ok – well, it isn’t. It certainly isn’t in the case of these delicious lime green tiles that must be showcased. To ensure a showcase we choose a steel grey grout colour. This colour is reflective of the stainless steel accents used throughout the shop and is a nice contrast to the green. It helps showcase this beautiful wall.

TilesYogurt Wall

Lights. Ah, the lights. Often in major projects some things will go awry. I don’t want to speak on behalf of the owner but from what we can gather, this project wasn’t almost perfect… until the lights, that is. We ordered five beautiful pendant lights that were to be hung from the bulkhead over the seating area. Alas, the bulkhead turned out to be lower than originally anticipated thus, no room for pendant lights. Instead the always versatile, functional and modern pot lights were installed and of course, look great.

We wish we could lay claim to the design of the main counter, but we can’t. Wow, what a masterpiece. The quartz countertop is what dreams are made of and the shape of it could make a grown man weep. Well… At any rate, it is certainly a beautiful beast and the perfect counter-top to finalize your experience and purchase.


We’ve posted some before, during and after photos below. Be sure to check them out but more important, to check out the shop. To stay up to date on what is happening, free giveaways and contests, be sure to “like” them on Facebook. Have a ‘berry healthy’ day!

pop art bf int bf

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  1. Amazing work! Particularly the Pop Art images on canvas. What a fabulous and fun way to decorate such a funky place. Now to get downtown and try them out! You guys are incredible!

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