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IT IS FINISHED! Sweet mother of renovation, it’s finished. The renovation of our main bathroom is now complete and we could not be happier.

We love our house. We absolutely love it. Part of what we love so much is the fantastic work that was done to the house a few years ago by previous owners. They did a gorgeous kitchen reno (reveal to come), some “envelope” work and updated the main bathroom. Although the main bathroom was functional it was not particularly comfortable. After all, Craig is 6’3 with shoulder width of about 4ft. His nickname isn’t Marmaduke for nothing! He did not fit in front of the vanity – see before shot below. So when it came time for us to decide what renovations we would do to this house there was no question the main bathroom was it.

The first thing we needed to do was remove a wall between the bathroom and a large linen closet on the other side. The closet was excellent storage but the house already has significant storage and closet space so we felt taking over the closet would be well worth it. Crash – wall gone.

Inspired by the antique light fixture that now hangs in the bathroom, we started our design process. When we purchased the light we had no idea where we were going to use it but for $40, how could we just leave it in the shop? To get our creative juices flowing we did some shopping around town. We came across the gold faucet set you see in the photos. It was 75% off at Mr. Plumber. When we asked about the set we were told it was on sale because in the two years they had it in the store, they hadn’t’t sold one piece of it. They said no one wanted it – cue our lust for the set! Bam, two major decisions made.

We love marble. I mean, who doesn’t love marble? Given the footprint of the bathroom is not huge and we plan to live in the house for a long time, we decided to splurge so marble it was. We found the floor at Home Depot. What attracted us to it is the variation, or veining, in the tiles. There are so many different colours in the floor yet it is obviously still a white marble. The wall tiles came from everyone’s favourite, Markan. We had something else in mind for the accent band until Wendy, everyone’s favourite Markan specialist, suggested the one you see. Sold! We topped it off with a line of marble pencil rail and voila, walls were done.

The vanity was a bit more complicated. We wanted a vanity with a white base and a white marble top but, within our budget. No dice. We shopped high and low but couldn’t come up with one within our budget. Most “off the shelf” vanities, especially those with marble and granite, are come as they are. There is no possibility for alteration. So in the end we decided, since we were going to be in the house for a while (are you seeing a trend here?) to splurge for the one we wanted. Vanity budget went up by my 2.25 times the original amount. However, we love it! I am not a huge fan of the no-slam drawers but love the no-slam doors. Is anyone else with me on this?

For the walls we decided to go with a white to keep the feel of the bathroom light and open. The white on the walls is called ‘Paper Doll’ and is from the Benjamin Moore Colour Stories series. There is a lovely subtle undertone of grey that goes great with all the marble.

Given the potential starkness of all the white, we really wanted to warm things up with accessories. The lamp is one we picked up on our travel’s a few years ago and although it needs a new shade, is the perfect addition to the space. The light it gives off in the evening is so much nicer than the overhead fixture. The chrome fish are the most interesting and bizarre things ever. Each weigh about 60lbs and apparently came off a US yacht. When purging our “treasures” from our last house we considered getting rid of them but in the end decided not to. The spiney wall hangings are from Cottage Industry and the Titanic print was mail ordered from the Bank of Nova Scotia by Craig’s Great Grandmother. We considered switching out the vanity hardware for a brushed gold but in the end decided not to. The shapes are the same as the taps and this consistency alone makes them a perfect match. We are a little underwhelmed by the shower curtain so it could certainly be changed out or tarted up in the near future. And the mirror, oh that mirror. I fell in love with that mirror the first time I saw it early last year at an antique shop in NS. It was in “the church” for a year or so but we felt it was time it was somewhere where it could be appreciated everyday so here it is!

A very big thank you to Cynthia King for allowing us the use of her bathroom for the few weeks we were without a shower. It is kindness like this that allows those going through a renovation to remain sane and access to fresh showers like this to help them remain socially acceptable.


Bathroom Before

King BathBathroom After

King Bath 1 King Bath 2 King Bath 3 King Bath 4 King Bath 5 King Bath 6 King Bath 7

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5 thoughts on “Reveal – New Bathroom

  1. well worth the wait, it is beautiful, love it I am still in Toronto for another few weeks so when I logged in this evening it was lovely to see your amazing work. You can be so proud.

  2. LOVE it! Especially the floor, that is the floor I have wanted in the last several homes I’ve done but DIDN’T splash out on. I have a white terry shower curtain that I love, it softens up all the hard edges in a bathroom and seems “cosy”– you might consider that if you go to replace the shower curtain! Good work Marmaduke and… ?? (Christopher, if you were a famous dog, which would you be? Snowy from TinTin?)

    • Sara! You are really showing your inner thoughts with this comment. I prefer to think of self as a golden-doodle – a hybrid of the best. Thanks for the comment.

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