Reveal – New Living Room

Finally! Finally our living room and dining room are finished. These rooms were the first ones to be painted/wallpapered when we moved in and all of the furniture arrived on moving day however, they were only “finished” just recently.

The layout of these rooms is fairly common with the living room adjoining the dining room. Something we loved about this house when we first viewed it was the layout and how bright and open everything seemed. These rooms are no exceptions. Although there are pocket doors in between the rooms, the doors are never closed. Also, we found a pair of French doors in the attic that are for the doorway between the entryway and the living room, but for the time being we don’t think we are going to put them back up.

We love colour. Love it. However, for this house we decided to go with a neutral palette as a base and then use pops of colour where we could. The walls in the living room are Cedar Key from Benjamin Moore,  a lovely taupe with a lavender undertone. The couch is linen on which we added some colourful pillows in a purple tone. The chairs also have a linen base but the green pattern adds a nice dynamic. Of course the real show piece in this room is the Dash & Albert wool hooked rug! Oh how we love it so. Nestled away in the corner is a rocking chair that was Craig’s Great Grandfather’s – a great addition. The furniture in this room is from Hambly’s and the rug from Cottage Industry. We can’t thank Julie Hambly enough for her help through our furniture crisis, however; that is a story for another time!

The wallpaper in the dining room was a painstaking task but Craig did an amazing job. It really changed the room and brightened it up. The dining room set has a traditional Shield Back chair, and great inlay details on the apron and legs.  We purchased the set second hand and had the chairs recovered in a striped neutral tone on tone fabric. We love the built in bookcase in the dining room and the mantel over the fireplace as it allows us to showcase many of our treasures and gives us the opportunity to change them up often to create a different look for the room.

Continuity is very important in a space like this. We went for geometric shapes between both rooms to provide some continuity.  We also repeated the soft purples, greens, blues, and coral reds found in the rug in the accent cushions, accessories, and dinnerware. Also, if you notice the colours can also found in the stained glass windows in each room.

We couldn’t be happier with these rooms. We also couldn’t be happier they are finished!

Here is a before pic of both the living room and the dining room, followed by the ‘afters’.

DR before 2

LR after 1LR after 2 LR after 3 LR after 4LR after 5LR after 6DR after 1DR after 2DR after 3DR after 4DR after 5DR after 6DR after 7


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8 thoughts on “Reveal – New Living Room

  1. Wow this is super I really love the look!!!!although I think it wouldn’t last with me around…. White and light furniture prove how much I have in common with toddlers!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the house!!!

  2. I LOVE the use of fabrics in the living room. Just lovely! The small accent pieces, such as the Robert Held art glass vase and the lovely painting by Doretta…fabulous…just the types of things I collect myself.

    Congratulations, Chris and Craig, on another job well done. I can’t wait to see the rest of the house.


  3. Divine! Absolutely stunning, the treasures are amazing, could comment on each item but the rug is amazing. Congrats on a finished masterpiece.

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