Today’s Treasure

Unbeknownst to me, I guess I’m a bit of a leg man, because all I had to do was catch one glimpse of the beautiful legs on this desk, and I knew I had to have it.

I bought it a few weeks ago at a local antique shop, but we only got it home last week, with the help of DIY Doris and her ever faithful mini-van.  We don’t really have a lot of room left in the house for new pieces of furniture, especially ones this big, so we had to do some shuffling around, but I think it looks quite nice in its new place in the corner of the dining room.

According to the man I bought it from, it used to have a leather top, but he said that it was in very rough shape, so he removed it and sanded the top down to remove the leftover glue and adhesive.  Therefore the top of the desk has this very conspicuous inner patch that is not walnut, which the rest of the desk is.  I love its simple style, its two pull-outs on either side to increase the usable area, it’s weathered and worn finish, and of course, its legs.

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Well, here we are in the big city of Toronto, or Trana as many call it. Our last-minute trip has turned into quite an adventure with sourcing, meetings, and even a consultation! We arrived a couple of nights ago and have been going non-stop ever since.

Yesterday we visited four key stores for sourcing/shopping. First we hit the mothership: Elte.

Yes, this does look like a GIGANTIC warehouse with a sign on top but what lays just beyond those doors is nothing short of overwhelming and amazing. We were completely taken aback at the size of the store, the amount of product and the helpfulness of the staff. Each and every employee we passed, including the support staff, said good morning and asked if they could help. One question lead to a half an hour chat and tour of the store by an assistant manager. She went above and beyond to ensure our first experience at Elte was nothing short of amazing.

This Dash and Albert sample rack is a feast for the eyes. Cottage Industry in Charlottetown will soon have one of their very own. These rugs are fantastic, inexpensive and some of them are good for people with allergies (as they are made with polypropylene). They are a  great addition to any project – we’ve ordered a few for The Church

This gorgeous little beast is but a small example of the beauties this store holds. We took a shot of this 1) because it is gorgeous and 2) because it is the colour combination of a living room we are working on for a client.

I love this colour combination! The blues and lavenders with the grey undertones are amazing. An updated version of “Hollywood Glam”. Again, this is similar to a colour palette of  a bedroom we are working on for a client. As you can see from this photo, clean lines and accent cushions continue to dominate.

Hair-On Hide is quite a trend lately, and there was a huge selection of furniture, ottomans, and rugs for the Hair-On lover, including this amazing chair.

After two hours at Elte we crossed the road to their sister store, Ginger’s.

These photos are but a small sampling of what this store has to offer. They have everything and anything bath related in every size, material and finish. Overwhelming, to say the least. The hardware department is equally impressive. We just had to purchase a little something for ourselves so two beautiful bars of soap it was!

Next up was Angus and Company. This shop has an amazing array of product. From tasteful Easter decorations to gilt mirrors sourced from Europe, it has it all. A one stop shop of a different kind, this store is indulgence and opulence at it’s best. I finally found the gilt mirror my dreams are made of. The first step to owning this mirror, however, is to buy a house that can support it! As for the price, I would do it. I would…

After Angus and Company it was off to Chair, Table, Lamp. This shop of eclectic finds is owned by the charming Kevin Austin. Beyond having a wonderful browse through the treasures within the shop, we had a wonderful visit. Kevin has links to PEI, including a cottage, so much catching up was to be had! One of the best things about the shop was stumbling across a headboard we recognized as it was from PEI! Kevin is obviously a dedicated shopper and dedicated to finding unique and interesting items for his clients.

Among the couple of treasures we picked up at CTL was this piece de resistance.

After all, every queen deserves a crown!

Today we are off to see Sleeping Beauty by the National Ballet of Canada. So excited! More shopping tomorrow and of course, a consultation. We are working it!

Art Work and Partnerships

For our most recent project we were very pleased to partner with local artist, Rebecca Ford. Rebecca’s triptych ads an excellent splash of colour to the room and complements the beautiful stained glass windows perfectly.

Rebecca began her visual art adventures as a child in her hometown of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Since 2004 she has employed her skills working as a visual designer for musicians and artists. Receiving a nod for her work in 2008, as the winner of the “People’s Voice” 8th Annual Independent Music Award for Best Poster. She does all design work by hand, working with textiles, stencils, cross-stitch, acrylics, photography and found art collages.

Since 2008 Rebecca has held 3 solo shows consisting of abstract acrylic, watercolour and mixed media paintings. More recently, she has added wax and fabric to her list of mediums. Her paintings establish through the use of colour and light, forms which will solicit affective experiences from the viewer. The works contain themes of social commentary; often emphasizing power, alienation, communication and environmental degradation, to name a few.

Rebecca is currently planning pieces which she hopes to show in Fall 2012.

Today’s Treasures

We recently purchased these couches at Cottage Industry for two separate clients. The couches demonstrate how vastly different furniture and taste can be. Both of these beasts are amazing because… well, just look at them. They are gorgeous! Who wouldn’t want to own them?

Both couches will be featured in two upcoming reveals so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy Duncan and his friend Darby.