Reveal – Client’s Bedroom

“Finish it off” – this was the request from this client. This bedroom was halfway to being finished but not quite there. The wall colour, bed and bedding were in place but the extra touches had yet to be added.

An admirer of art deco, this client wanted that feel to her bedroom. We started with the custom headboard. The shape of the headboard offers visual interest while the plush cotton/bamboo fabric offers texture and luxuriousness to the room. The subtle grey piping helps connect the headboard to the bedding and the curtains. The bedskirt is made from the same fabric as the headboard making the bed appear as one unit – the focal point. With left over fabric we had a small kidney pillow made to complete the look.

With design there can be disappointment and frustration. For this project, it was the bedside tables. After looking high and low we decided to splurge on the perfect bedside tables. They were mirrored all over with a fine, tapered leg and angles that matched the repeating theme throughout the room. Bedside tables ordered, great. Bedside tables paid for, great. Bedside tables delivered, not so great. Too big. Much too big. Now, you ask, how did this happen? Well, unfortunately the measurements in the catalogue were not correct and the tables that arrived were much too large. We all spent a few days trying to convince ourselves they were ok but in the end we had to be honest with ourselves and admit they had to go back. Devastating.

The bedside tables you see, however, work perfectly. These vintage tables offer the perfect mix of practicality and interest. Their vintage shape works well with the room as does the colour they were painted. The creamy colour, with a hint of yellow, works well with the rest of the room. Complete devastation averted. The angular lamps on top are practical and offer  an excellent pop of colour.

The dresser was purchased from a second hand store and it too was painted. It is just a shade darker than the colour  on the wall. The new hardware mimics the angles found in the headboard and on the finials of the curtain rod. Oh, the curtains. These beauties are from Cottage Industry and give a grand feeling to the room. Other accessories in the room include a new, mosaic mirror and a grouping of wall hangings. These DIY wall hangings are scrap book paper popped into inexpensive, sharp looking frames.

Finished. The room is now finished, and the client has a beautiful, stylish and comfortable room to enjoy.

A few pictures of the room before:

And now some ‘afters’:

7 thoughts on “Reveal – Client’s Bedroom

  1. Wow! This room now looks great! Amazing work guys! Love that headboard – it a definite focal point and the lights fromt he lamps reflecting off the angled wall/ceiling certainly adds drama!

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