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We are so excited to move into a house that is more or less “move in ready”. Yes, of course we will put our own twist on it but for now, there is little to no renovation required. I mean, yes, obviously that vinyl siding will be ripped off to reveal the beautiful and original shingles underneath. But otherwise, no immediate renovations. As for the exterior, what do you think of a deep blue with coordinating trim?

The interior has a great deal of original charm intact. A beautiful entryway with stair case, several stained glass windows throughout, French doors in the living room, and a lovely set of pocket doors between the living and dining room. The house has four bedrooms but most importantly, a sun deck at the back and the third floor has been converted into living space – a tv den for C. What we are most excited about with this house, other than the lack of work required, is its location. Since renting an apartment in this area a few years ago, we’ve been determined to get back there. We are so excited it is finally a reality  – can’t wait!

Here is a sneak peek of the interior:

Although there will be no immediate renovations to this house, there certainly will be decorating! The photo below is a “mood board” for the downstairs living and dining room. We want the space to be mature and calming. The “steps” rug was a jumping off point and from there we chose the accent colours and style of furniture. The paint will be a creme/light taupe. The fabric swatch to the far left is the couch – a natural cotton/linen. The other two large fabrics will be the accent colours for the room and fabric for the throw cushions. Playing up a mix of geometric and organic patterns, the two chairs for the room will be the small, geometric patterned fabric.The floors in the room are hardwood and golden – the vase (made of wood) gives us a good idea of what these colours and tone will look like in the room. The amber candlesticks and golden grapes will likely find a new home as accessories in the room and the throw pillow will be an accent for the chairs. Unfortunately we had to return the wallpaper book before this photo was taken. However, the geometric print we have picked out is gorge!

We are so excited! We can’t wait to move next month. We also can’t wait to start decorating our own space again, nesting and of course, blogging about it! eurogrand casino

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  1. looking forward to this next adventure, will be fun watching the changes and the new look, it is a beautiful house for sure.

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