Reveal – Client’s Dining Room

This room is the dining room in the house we showcased in last week’s living room reveal. Like that room, this one is beautiful, a grand size and had wonderful furniture. What it didn’t have was much light or life. The room had not been update since the 60’s and although the wallpaper (which the homeowner’s mother put up in the 40s) and bank of heavy velvet drapes were impressive, they had to go.

What is most interesting about this room is the fact that very few new things were introduced to the room, but how different, exciting, and new the room now looks. The biggest challenge with this room was having the wallpaper removed and the walls repaired/re-plastered. The walls were then painted a lovely green – the colour was chosen so we could “work with what we had”. The dominant colour in the existing rug (from Eaton’s, no less!) is a lovely green, so that was a starting point.

Once the painting was finished, the floors were refinished. The dining room chair seats were recovered in a deep yellow with a pattern that mimics that of the rug and picks up on some creamy yellow accents also in the rug. Because the drapes in the living room were so heavy, hid the light, and had been up for so long, we wanted to go with something very light and airy on the windows. We chose a classic sheer topped with a very simple valance. The valance has a green stripe, matching the rest of the room, with a golden yellow border to help tie in the chairs.

The furniture was rearranged in order to showcase it better and to spread it out. The huge china cabinet , which was previously tucked away in a corner, now holds a more prominent position and features a few, carefully chosen pieces of china that add to the room with their colour. Prior to this, the cabinet was used more for storage than show and contributed to the heavy feeling in the room.

The light fixture was a steal of a deal from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. $50 and brand new! The candelabras on the table mimic the patter of the light fixture – this complement allows it all to work together and look like a vignette.

The client tells us she has been trying out each and every chair to see which one is her favourite. Our favourite part of this is finding out she is actually now using the room to enjoy and eat in!

Here’s a picture of what the room looked like when the client was growing up in the house.

And a few pictures of the room prior to the renovation and redecoration.

And here’s what the room looks like now.

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  1. The room looks lovely. I really like the colour. What are you doing about the baseboards behind the china cabinet and the long case clock?

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