Reveal – Client’s Livingroom

What a beautiful room. This room and more importantly, the house, is chock full of history and character. The marble fire place, the gigantic windows, amazing ceiling height, and the overall room size. All wonderful bones to work with. The house is a historic home that, over its almost 200 year history, has only had a few owners. The current owner more or less grew up in the home, as did her family. The house has been very, very well taken care of over time but it did lack a little something – comfort and a place to sit!

The formal living room was used as the pool room when the children were in the home and later became a storage room of sorts. The client wanted to turn the room into a comfortable, practical room that was “homey” and where she could relax and read a book. Great! Off to the design races we go.

The wall colour is a calming and serene taupe. It affords an excellent opportunity to allow some of the other pieces in the room, like the fireplace and over-sized walnut bookcase, to be showcased. The slip-covered sofa is Rowe, from Cottage Industry, and the chairs are Decor-Rest from Hambly’s. After the paint colour, the sofa was the jumping off point. We knew we wanted to move the bookcase from the upstairs hall (where it was completely under appreciated) into the living room and so to counterbalance that scale and colour, we went with a blue/brown fabric on the chairs. The creme pillows on the chairs help tie them in with the couch, as do the pillows on the couch with the chairs.

The rug was a carpet end we found at Markan and had cut and bound to our custom size. The navy blue (with small gold circles) offers an excellent anchor to the room. The coffee table was a $50 find at a used furniture store which we had professionally spray painted. The “Ballet White” colour suits the room and the client! The blue piece in the centre of the coffee table is a piece of Scott Barnim pottery from Details (Victoria Row) that was purchased as a treat for the client.

The “sitting” chairs are a beautiful (like all of the furniture in the house!) “his and her” set that the client already had but wanted brought back to life. The rich and inviting fabric is mostly a darker palette with hits of turquoise. Family legend has it that the table between the two chairs once belonged to a hotel room that Sir John A. stayed in. Together,  they make an excellent conversation area and wonderful accents at the front of the room. We went with light valances to ensure as much light as possible enters the room. Mission accomplished!

The accessories and art, including everything in the bookcase, was already in the house with the exception of the lamps. It was A LOT of fun to go “shopping” in the client’s home for accessories and personal pieces. “We’ll take that… and that… and oh, we NEED that…”. The house is a treasure trove and we were so excited and flattered that this client asked for our help. This was only one of two rooms we did in the house. Stay tuned for the upcoming dining room reveal!

First, here’s a picture of what the room used to look like when the client was growing up in the house…

And a few pictures of what the room looked like a few months ago….

And the room now…

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