Church Update

This past weekend we headed back to The Church and with a couple of friends in tow. We had a grand time – no, a magical time. The weather was amazing, we had great company and conversation and I tried the first s’mores of my life. What more could we ask for?

Of course we did the requisite treasure hunting and came across many. We will share those at a later time. For now, however, we wanted to provide an update to a couple of items that had yet to be completed with the “reveals”.

First is the dining room table – it lacked a centre piece. In keeping with wanting to ensure the space was light and buoyant we went with clear glass candlesticks, bottles and an oil lamp. The bottles are actual candle holders from a church! They look fabooshe. We were also able to secure a couple more pillows to accent the pew. Thanks again to Cynthia King for her help and willingness to be dispatched to Winners during our design dilemma.

And look at these bad boys! What do you spy?

Next up is the milk glass on the top shelf of the bookcase. The majority of it is hobnail with a few other pieces thrown in. The full shelf of white matches well with the sectional and helps to define the space and offer an “airy” feel to the room.

Here is a shot of the of the unfinished master bedroom built-in bookcase. Originally this had a headboard on it and a built-in bed frame. We decided to change the room by removing the bed from this location, changing to the other wall and removing the headboard. We were left with a huge focal point and a lot of shelves to fill! We purchased all of these vases at Treasure and Collectibles for just under $100. This is an easy and relatively inexpensive way of filling up a lot of space. The books along the top are Harlequin novels purchased for $.25 a piece. Again, inexpensive. Would anyone like to sign one of them out? We will finish this when we find the perfect wall hanging to go in the centre.

Finally, we installed an oil lamp in the original place it would have been when it was an actual church. The previous owners and those that did the conversion went to painstaking lengths to ensure much of the original detail was kept. This lamp is an excellent example of this. If you know of where we can find more, please let us know!


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  1. I love where you put the mercury reflector/oil lamp ! It certainly makes a statement ! Gee I wonder how anyone got up there to light it?! Perhaps an angel flew by….

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