Church Reveal # 1 – The Loft

The loft. Although we’ve only been living (well, vacationing) in the church for 72 hours, I think we’ve discovered this may be our favourite area of the house. It is cozy, colourful, comfy and conversation inducing. And oh yes, and it is where the internet signal is strongest. What more could we want?

As you will see with the upcoming reveal of the main living space in The Church, we went relatively light and muted in that area. And although it looks great, we do love our colour, so, when we were designing the loft and shopping for the furniture we decided to go big and bold in this space. The inspiration for the room was the armchairs. We walked into Hambly’s one Saturday afternoon and knew we had to have them. After all, orange is C’s favourite colour. We then chose the couch style (The couch – well, just look at it. It is raspberry red!) and decided to go with a more traditional rolled arm as our previous two couches (and sectional to come) had more modern lines. It also mimics the rolled arm of the chairs.  Once we had the couch style picked out we moved on to choosing fabric.

The fabrics from Cobi are fantastic and, as you can see, in the end we had a hard time choosing which was our favourite and what should go where. We love herringbone and raspberry red so in the end we decided that should be the base fabric for the couch. Because we knew we wanted the orange chairs we had to find a way to bring the two pieces of furniture together. So, we used a different fabric with large hits of orange for the piping. We also ordered two kidney pillows in the same fabric and those are seen on the orange chairs to once again help tie the room together. The two larger pillows on the couch add a lovely accent of chartreuse. Julie (Hambly) pointed us toward the fabric when we were shopping and gushed about how much she loves it, and because we love her so much, BAM, we decided that would be the third accent for the room and purchased two pillows in the fabric!

We found the coffee table at the Habitat Re-Store for $30. We had it professionally painted using Benjamin Moore’s Jade Garden. It is a lovely “anchor” colour for the room and looks amazing on the rug. Oh, the rug! This rug is from Dash & Albert (Cottage Industry) and what an amazing array of rugs that company has. The giant chartreuse stripes offer another excellent hit of that colour and mimic the stripes in the piping on the couch. The 1964 Magnavox Astro-Sonic Hi-Fi stereo was a Kijiji find and it works! We’ve been having a blast collecting records to listen to. And finally, the artichoke lamp was a Christmas gift to self from Cottage Industry. I love it so.

We also love the loft and hope, when you come to visit, you do too!

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10 thoughts on “Church Reveal # 1 – The Loft

  1. You did an amazing job again, love the colors and love the windows, such a cozy spot, imagine at Christmas time how beautiful it would be. thanks for sharing

  2. Kelly – you will have to come visit the artichoke lamp here at the church!

    Thanks everyone. The Church is almost finished and therefore ready for the entire “reveal”. It has been quite a week… and few months, for that matter!

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