Today’s Treasure & Sneak Peek of The Church

Gay horses. We want them to be unicorns but they just aren’t. Instead, we will call them gay horses. Nothing in particular makes them that, just that we want them to be. We picked these up today at Treasures & Collectibles in the Annapolis Valley. This shop is a MUST stop/see if you are in the area – it is our favourite. We picked up many a treasure there today, and in the past. Norm and Jim also have a wonderful array of homemade treats.

What do gay horses eat? Haaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Here it is! We arrived on Thursday night and have been busy ever since. The house still isn’t totally photograph ready, but soon. This is a photo of the main space/kitchen and of course, Craig doing the dishes! We hope to have the place “show” ready in the next few days and will be sure to post photos as soon as it is ready.

Note: the white bags on the floor are FULL of treasures from Treasures & Collectibles. What a day!

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