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Last fall we bought a church in Annapolis Royal (Lequille), Nova Scotia. Well, it used to be a church, St. Albans church in fact. Now, however, it is a lovingly restored 2.5 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home… in the shape of a church! We were beyond excited with the purchase and are now beyond excited to get it furnished and spend time there. Ah yes, the furnishing!

We’ve been on a major shopping spree for the church. For weeks now we’ve been shopping, ordering and storing. We plan to head over to the church the end of April for the furniture install. We recently decided to move the furniture ourselves. Please stay tuned for the details on that and which plan to be humorous and, I am sure, a bit taxing.

The furniture we’ve chosen for the church is a departure from our usual style in that it is all brand new. Well, all except the nine foot harvest table we are having made! All of the furniture is brand new and sourced locally. The sectional, the sofa bed, the chairs, the rugs… all of it. We can’t wait for it to start rolling in and to finally get our hands on it. However, until it arrives and we have an opportunity to have it put into the church and get the space decorated, we will have to settle for these sneak peeks.

Coffee table for the main space

Fabrics for the chairs at the head of the dinning room tableFabrics for the sofa bed, piping, throw pillows and chairs. Any guesses on which is which?

On a different note, we plan to rent out the church for short-term summer rentals. We will have more information soon but until then you can find rental information here. If you are interested in renting and would like more information and photos please email us at or

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  1. There is no doubt in my mind that you will furnish and create a new home with style and grace. Perhaps you’ll pay our wee shoppe a visit when the time allows; it’d be great to see you two again.

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