Art Work and Partnerships

For our most recent project we were very pleased to partner with local artist, Rebecca Ford. Rebecca’s triptych ads an excellent splash of colour to the room and complements the beautiful stained glass windows perfectly.

Rebecca began her visual art adventures as a child in her hometown of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Since 2004 she has employed her skills working as a visual designer for musicians and artists. Receiving a nod for her work in 2008, as the winner of the “People’s Voice” 8th Annual Independent Music Award for Best Poster. She does all design work by hand, working with textiles, stencils, cross-stitch, acrylics, photography and found art collages.

Since 2008 Rebecca has held 3 solo shows consisting of abstract acrylic, watercolour and mixed media paintings. More recently, she has added wax and fabric to her list of mediums. Her paintings establish through the use of colour and light, forms which will solicit affective experiences from the viewer. The works contain themes of social commentary; often emphasizing power, alienation, communication and environmental degradation, to name a few.

Rebecca is currently planning pieces which she hopes to show in Fall 2012.

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