Art Work and Partnerships

For our most recent project we were very pleased to partner with two local artists. These talented ladies were gracious enough to donate their art to the permanent collection of our clients. Their work added a wonderful visual dimension to the multipurpose room and added a lovely, personal touch.

The first artist to be featured is Lorna Mullen-Gaudet. Lorna is interior designer and visual artist living and working in P.E.I. She draws her inspiration from the natural beauty all around this gorgeous province, especially the north shore. Lorna summers in Savage Harbour where she spends many happy hours painting seascapes and beach scenes.

Lorna has a wonderful design blog you can find by clicking here, and you can follow her on Twitter @AAHDesignsPE.

Stay tuned for details on the lovely and talented Rebecca Ford.

5 thoughts on “Art Work and Partnerships

      • how do you want to go about it? i could work on one of the kids rooms under yer advisement and design a piece to fit into that space? i could do a piece for a future project you guys take on? even an art quilt for the church…?
        i’m keen!

        • Let’s look at possibly doing a piece for a future project or something for the church. Would you be interested in starting by making some custom pillows? If we picked out a selection of fabric and mailed it to you, and then you could use your fantastic skills and creativity to design and make some custom pillow covers? Possible?

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