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We were recently hired by a local organization to redecorate and re-imagine their multi-purpose room, or parlour, as they call it.  These types of rooms can be quite challenging due to the fact that they have a variety of uses, and are required at times to be all things to all people.  Not an easy decorating feat to overcome!

In speaking to our clients, we discovered that the feeling they wanted the room to invoke was that of a cozy and inviting living room.  With that, and a few discussions about paint colours and upholstery fabrics, we were off to the races.

We chose Behr’s “Cornmeal” for the walls, and picked out some accents and details in the columns with Behr’s “Yam”.  We then chose a variety of fabrics in beige and blue to reupholster a variety of furniture pieces, drawing our overall inspiration from the two beautiful stained glass windows in the room.

We edited a lot of the furniture out, and are happy to say that everything we used in the room was there already with the exception of the coffee table and the 2 upholstered chairs at the head of the table, and the 4 wooden chairs.

A special thank you to two local artists, Rebecca Ford who donated the triptych above the couch, and Lorna Mullen-Gaudet who donated the lovely scene in the corner above the loveseat, both of which were painted especially for this space.

Without further ado, the reveal.  We hope you enjoy.

Even Jesus deserves a vignette.


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12 thoughts on “Parlour – Reveal

  1. Done. Deal. My jaw literally dropped as I scrolled through the pictures (it really did – I was sitting here reading the post with my mouth hanging open). You really achieved the goal of creating a warm living room feel. Congrats guys on a job well done!

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  3. I got a pleasant “shiver” when viewing the transformation of the parlor !
    The ladies must think that they are in heaven!
    Well Done !!!

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