Heritage Day Awards

We won! Although our house is not a designated heritage resource, we were nevertheless recognized by the Heritage Review Board for the City of Charlottetown for our work on our home. It is always an honour being nominated for an award, but it is so much nicer to actually win and we were in great company.

A special thanks to Councillor Rob Lantz, Charlottetown City Councilor and Chairman of the Planning & Heritage Committee, and also to Todd Saunders, the City of Charlottetown’s Heritage Officer. We are grateful for their support… and who wouldn’t want to receive an award from Robert B. Lantz anyway?

Ann Sherman won for her lovely row house on Sydney Street. Ann Sherman fun fact: she was once our neighbour and Christopher’s boss although not at the same time.

We were extremely pleased to be in the company of Mike Murphy and Paul Smith. Not only are they two of the kindest men around, their work is aspirational. We are also very proud of their carpenter, our close friend Karl Taylor. Like Mike and Paul, Karl is a kind man, makes (yes, makes) a mean dinning room table and understands the beauty of heritage properties and original, well, anything.

Just like a school Christmas concert, parents were in attendance. Here we have the one and only Lorraine Gillis who came out to cheer us on. We were happy she could join us.

And last but not least, we should thank Sara Fraser from the CBC for interviewing us for Compass, the local nightly news broadcast, and CBC Radio Mainstreet

It was a great event, filled with fun, friends, and Sobey’s sandwiches.  What more could you wish for?

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