Today’s Treasure

The photo is bad. I know it is. Don’t judge. Don’t hate. I used the flash because I wanted the treasures inside this gorgeous beast to be displayed because they too are part of the magic.

Craig spotted this china cabinet at the Robin’s Next Antiques last summer. To be honest, I walked by it a dozen times and hadn’t noticed it. Craig would point it out and I would say “Yes, it’s nice”, but wasn’t in love with it. During our great shopping spree of summer, 2011 we purchased it.

We are now in our house and settled and can honestly say I now do love the cabinet. The detail, colour (not accurately show in photo), and the glass are gorgeous but most importantly, I love being able to see our lives inside and yes, each item represents a part of our lives. The photos are of family and close friends, the blue vase is from my first trip to Europe as is the green bowl while the red vase was a graduation present for Craig when he graduated with his undergraduate degree. The cocktail glasses were a birthday gift from none other than DIY Doris and the green vase at the top is from my best friend Sidney. There are small books in there that were a gift from mother Jane and a art glass bowl from Craig’s uncle Gordon. With all of that in there, starring back at you every time you walk by, how could I not love it? It is, after all, those treasures that truly make a home special however, having something beautiful to display them in is never a bad thing.

This is indeed a treasure and perhaps one day will be a legacy piece. After all, we do wish to be more and more like the Crawley’s of Downton Abbey. Legacy furniture, the perfect place to start!

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