When designing a room, or a larger space like a house, consistency and flow are key. People often speak of consistency in paint colours and how a colour MUST flow from one room to the next. We aren’t subscribers to this school of thought as we believe this isn’t a must and that consistency and flow can be achieved in other ways. For example, flooring.

When we purchased our house the downstairs was a bit of a hodgepodge of flooring and although there was some consistency in what was used, there was no flow. One of the first projects we knew we would complete in this house was to add the necessary flow to the downstairs and that could only be achieved by continuing the hardwood floor down the hall; originally it stopped at a door half way down. As you can see from the before photos the tile floor started halfway down the hall and as a result created a visual break in the flow. It made the hall, and the downstairs, seem smaller and choppier than it actually is.

The other issue with the flow was the door in the hallway. We removed it entirely as we had no use for it and repaired the casing. The door also interrupted the flow. We had the installer remove the tile carefully so we could reuse them in the kitchen. The island that was once fixed to the chimney was removed and if you squint, you can see a yellow patch at the top of the first photo. That is the floor underneath the tile, where the island once was. So we reused the tile by being careful and worked with what we already had.

When laying the new hardwood floor we had to decide if we wanted it to go vertical or, to keep with the existing pattern, horizontal. The installer had rules for the way in which hardwood should go when being installed but we decided against the rule and for consistency, to lay it horizontal.  Had we been installing the hardwood entirely from scratch, that would have been a different story, but we weren’t and instead we worked with what we had and in the end, it looks great.




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