Les Floors


We love these floors. When we first viewed the interior of the house, before buying it, we felt the floors were one of the only truly redeeming qualities of the house. We love these floors.

The patina on these floors would be difficult to recreate if one tried. They were stripped back at some point through what we can only imagine were layers and layers of varnish and paint. If you look closely, especially at the photo with the turquoise couch, you can see red paint that used to be on floor. One would have to work very hard in order to get that exact look – too hard.

Do people comment on the floors? Oh yes, yes they do. There are lots of comments like “Oh… so… do you think are you are going to refinish these?” This carefully crafted question is nothing more than shock and horror shrouded in concern. “No, we are not going to refinish them”. Someone has suggested adding a little “body” to them and that’s a possibility, but not likely one we will follow through with. Other comments have included “These floors are AMAZING!” This came from a friend who is a carpenter and specializes in restoring heritage properties. Thanks Karl, we’ll take it!

In a world so consumed with high grade, brand new hardwood floors, we will take these experienced, weathered, worn, softwood floors any day -oh yes we will


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3 thoughts on “Les Floors

  1. We live in a 70 year old home with all the original hard wood floors. Not refinished. By far the best thing about the house!

  2. Ha! We were admiring your floors during the razzle dazzle and figured we must have the same under our laminate. We tore it up and guess what? We don’t! Ours is in terrible shape- missing big chunks and full of screws. Time for some new hardwood.

    • Yikes! That would be a bit of a surprise. However, now you get to have fun shopping for new flooring. If you go to Markan, ask for Bonnie and tell her we say hi! That said, anyone that is fantastic to deal with. Let us know how it goes.

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