Reveal – Last Three Rooms

The guest room of many houses is often the forgotten room. People don’t always pay much attention to the way they are decorated and often become a storage closet or “catch all” room. Although ours has the potential to become either of those we do however try to make our guest rooms as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. After all, we do have to look at it every day!

This room is more rustic than the others in our house. The wall colour was already a lovely taupe so we left it and “worked with what we had”. The bed has a classic metal frame and is accented nicely by the quilt that was a gift from Craig’s mother, Jane. The throw pillows are former Today’s Treasure’s and they too are a nice complement. The piece above the bed is an organ topper. We found it at the back of an antique shop and thought it would make an excellent addition to almost any room! The green desk beside the bed was also a gift from mother Jane. It used to be in her house and was coveted by Craig.

We both LOVE the dresser! It is in excellent condition, has the perfect amount of detail on it and a gorgeous marble top. The sewing machine in this room belonged to Craig’s grandmother and it still works! The few wooden pieces on top and around we’ve picked up in various places. However, the “Edison lamp” at the very top was  gift from Santa and I believe he got it at Cottage Industry – of course. The wreath was hand made by florist and decorator to the local stars, Mike Robison.

This downstairs bathroom/laundry room is huge! It is a great addition to the main floor but given its prominence needed a little sprucing up. With the theme of fresh and light laundry a la fabric softener commercial we went with a sky blue for the walls (Behr’s Little Pond) and acid green accents. The curtain underneath the cabinets was made by us and adds a lovely decorative detail to the room.

Every house needs an appropriate entryway if only to avoid stepping in our sock feet in those incredibly annoying puddles our boot and shoes leave. When we moved into this house it didn’t have a dedicated entry so we turned this pantry (which had an exterior but was never used) into one. It is a small, but incredibly useful, space so we went with bead board on the walls to make it feel taller but, cozy. We used our go-to white paint, Behr’s Pot of Creme, on the bead board and accented the area with black, wrought iron hooks and a black bench. The wood on the light was painted black to match and is from a local antique shop.

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5 thoughts on “Reveal – Last Three Rooms

  1. Love the singer sewing machine, that is similar to the one my Grandmother had and she taught me to sew on, what a keepsake

    Love everything about the house, you can be so proud of your lovely home.

  2. you have a mud room. i am kelly green with envy.
    i hope to sleep in that room some day when i visit ti do some seamstressing for one of your projects…
    cara loves curly (and even though we have not officially met, i love christopher too, cause curly has smashing taste)
    congrats on a beautiful home and your hard dedicated work!

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