Today’s Treasure

How could we not? Sometimes you see something and MUST have it. These lamps were one of those somethings. We found thing atop a shelf in an antique/vintage shop in Granville Ferry, NS. They were on sale – $35 for the pair. A steal of a deal. Where will we put them? We have no idea! They will likely be put in storage for a while until we find the perfect home for them. To say they are are statement pieces would be an understatement. We love red and we love these little ladies.


7 thoughts on “Today’s Treasure

  1. What’s not to love. They’d make a wonderful addition to anyone’s decor. One though must have th right space and setting! I look forward to seeing their final resting place!

  2. Just back from Nassau, now in Toronto for a few more days.
    Happy New Years to both of you, enjoy the evening
    Was so nice to meet and chat with your parents Craig and nice to see your Mom too Chris. All the best of health, good times and happiness in 2012 Arlene and Lou

  3. I am enjoying your blogs so much… (you’ve also given me some fabulous ideas for my own home)! Thanks a million! Happy New Year and all the best in 2012! If you’re ever out west, please visit us! I know of a few fantastic antique shops in southern Alberta! Best wishes xo

    • Anglea Parkinglot!

      Thanks so much. So glad that we have been able to inspire you. Will definitely let you know if we are in your area. Would love to go on a buying/sourcing trip with you. All the best to you and yours for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year.

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