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Many people consider the kitchen to be the heart of a home. If this is true, the kitchen in the home we purchased was like some hearts – a little broken. The foundation of a good kitchen was here, it just needed some revamping.

First of all, the first photo below shows a door to the left and tile all the way down the hall. We removed the door and replaced the tile with hardwood to create flow and consistency. For the layout in this house, we felt the kitchen needed to feel like a separate room. In the same photo you can see an island/bar attached to the chimney. We removed that as it was awkwardly placed not allowing enough room for a table. We salvaged the base of it, added a smaller counter top and turned it into an island. The kitchen now has much more useable space with a practical island and is overall, more comfortable.

Lighting! This kitchen only had one light fixture and a few running lights under the upper cupboards. We had five pot lights installed – which added some much needed life and atmosphere to the room. We also took off the window coverings and put in a new door with a 3/4 length glass window. Most people automatically go with frosted glass for doors but before jumping to that option, consider where the door is placed and the privacy it will or will not afford. For example, our front door is the exact same as the back but it has frosted glass. The back door, however, leads out onto our deck and backyard therefore, privacy is not as much of a concern. Clear glass allows for more natural light.

We worked with what we had with this kitchen. We knew we weren’t going to change the flooring, so we chose a counter top that was a darker blue than found in the floor so as to match and for consistency. The wall colour (Rain Drop from Behr) is a mix of blue/grey found in the floor and complements the counter-top. The backsplash is the visual focal point of this room and ties in all of the colours all the while offering a pop of colour with the black tiles – these also provide an anchor for the eye.

We kept some of the hardware that were on the cupboard but changed the knobs on the doors for handles. This offers a more streamlined and updated look to the relatively new cabinets. The two wall hangings offer another excellent punch of colour and of course, are excellent conversation pieces. FYI, we paid $5 each for them at an auction! The green lamp will not stay in the kitchen as it does not match, but she is so fierce we decided to leave her for another little while.

The kitchen was the very last room to be finished in our house. Our home, and hearts are now complete.



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