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The dining room, oh, the dining room. This room doubled as a storage locker for three of the four months we were renovating. During that time it looked like nothing more than a dilapidated and melancholy room full of our life. This room was in need of a great deal of love on account of the endless layers of wallpaper on the walls and the lack of appreciation for its beautiful bay window. Before going any further we must give a huge, massive thanks to DIY Doris herself for the three full days she spent stripping the wallpaper in this room. Thank you Doris, you are a true friend… or a bit insane.

The bay window is the natural focal point for this room. Because of this we wanted it “framed” and so we had custom curtains made in a traditional, blue toile. Despite popular belief, custom curtains are not as expensive as one might think. These were made through our local Fabricville and came in just under $300. Given what they add to the room, we were very happy with the price.

The table and chairs was a steal of a deal we found at a local antique shop. The curvature of the base of the table is unique and interesting. The sideboard, which has a similar waterfall front as the table, was only $100 at our local favourite, BC Antiques. We caught Lowell on a VERY good day! The accessories in the room match the colour scheme with the yellow pineapple lamps, bunches of glass grapes and white milk glass. Milk glass is a timeless and simple statement that most everyone loves.

We decided to go with two paint colours on the walls to add an air of formality to the room and visual interest. The blue is “Little Pond” and the yellow “Lemon Pound Cake”, both from Behr. The light fixture is from Ikea and offers excellent light and is a great conversation piece!

We look forward to many dinner parties in our new dining room.

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9 thoughts on “Reveal – Dining Room

  1. LOVE the table & chairs and also the rug. i think i’m going to have to sit down and get you to draw me a map of all the antique shops i need to find as we begin this process…

  2. During Razzle Dazzle, I loved watching the look on faces as people entered the room. As they took in the light, eyes would widen, jaws would drop, and fingers would reach out to touch.

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. I was so thrilled to find your blog via the guardian. I am a fellow island blogger and love so much finding other locals that share my passion. That rug is INCREDIBLE by the way! 🙂

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