Reveal – Man Den

This is not a cave and therefore is not a man cave. This is a den. It is a den for a man – one man – and it is therefore a man den.

This is the third bedroom in our house and we turned it into a den so we would each have our own space. I am not much for TV but C is, so he gets this room and I get the living room. Space, quietness and alone time are important to any relationship!

The couch is Steven & Chris, which we custom ordered from Hambly’s. This is our second S&C couch and we love them because of the various styles and fabric choices. Oh yes, they are very affordable as well. We love Hambly’s because they are local, provide excellent customer service and are incredibly knowledgeable. The accent to the couch is the coronation blanket from HBC. You can read about this treasure here.

Above the couch is C’s antler collection. It only took a short few weeks to amass this collection – we were rather surprised to find out exactly how available antlers are, if you just take the time to search for them. On the wall we have: moose, deer, bighorn sheep, long-horned cattle, and up in the right, gazelle. Those babies were purchased on Etsy.

The chair is the popular and oft imitated Barcelona chair. This is an imitation purchased at a Superstore in C’s hometown of Yarmouth, NS, if you can imagine. The chair has served us well and made the cut in terms of not being sold with our last house. The black cabinet also made the cut as it is a family piece given to me many years ago. We updated it recently with the only black paint you will ever need – “Beluga” from Behr. We added some lovely crystal and chrome hardware and voila, a dramatic and utilitarian cabinet was born. The lamp on top of the cabinet is vintage and from the Robin’s Nest Antiques. We loved it the first time we saw it but weren’t willing to pay what it was priced at. Patience pays off – we waited and it went on sale, 50% off! The little bowl beside it was a “Today’s Treasure” a few weeks ago and was a gift from our dear friend Donna. It fits perfectly with the theme of the room.

The TV is a standard flat screen. The fireplace was a must have for C and his cold toes. In that department, the bearskin rug also helps. We loved it when we saw this in the shop but were too afraid to pick it up. The lovely lady in the shop picked it up for us but did remind us “You WILL have to touch this at some point, you know”. We know, just not today.

The paint colour on the walls is “Blackberry Harvest” from Behr and we think it couldn’t be more perfect for the Man Den!

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3 thoughts on “Reveal – Man Den

  1. gorgeous room.

    where did you get the crystal & chrome hardware for the black cabinet. looking for something just about exactly like that…so far, have only had luck online. suggestions?

    • Lee Valley Hardware, online. You will be hard pressed, if even possible, to find decorative hardware “on the shelf”, locally. House of Excellence has a great selection, but they have to be specially ordered.

  2. Absolutely love it, thanks for sharing.
    Home Depot actually carries some crystal hardware “on the shelf” if you can find the style you like, in the cabinet hardware section.

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