Reveal – Living Room

The wall colour is Behr’s “Gray Timber Wolf” and it is the inspiration for this room. Well, not the exact colour rather, we knew we wanted a grey for the walls. Everything else just flowed from there.

We sold the contents when we sold our last hom

e and therefore had to start, more or less, from scratch with this house. With the exception of a few wall hangings and personal mementos, everything in this room is new to us. We picked up the majority of the items on Kijiji, at auctions, and at some local antique shops. Most of the items were purchased separately coming together to form one, cohesive living room.

The Berger chairs and the couch were discussed in previous posts and have been customized to our taste and needs using new fabrics. Both pieces of furniture are accented with throw pillows from Cottage Industry.

The rug is from Home Sense and helps showcase the floors. There is a lot of variation in the grain of the floor – and the rug helps bring out the grey and taupe tones. The mantel was picked up at a local antique shop and apparently comes from a home in Charlottetown. No, it will not be painted and yes, it has been cleaned. We like the patina of it and some of the chipped paint exposes a grey paint underneath. It works well in the room. The two vases are family pieces from C’s grandparents and the small Buddha we picked up in Indonesia this past spring.

The china cabinet was a killer of deal we got 50% off at Robin’s Nest Antiques. It is full of treasures picked up along our travels and photos of friends and family. The curtains are ready made panels from Fabricville – the shimmer is a nice addition to the room. The desk and chair in the corner are Mark Butcher and C’s pride and joy of his collection.

The coffee table and end table are a typical set seen in many, many homes. However, a quick covering with spray paint made them the exact colours, creme and gold, we wanted. Underneath the coffee table you will see a set of deer antlers from C’s collection (full collection to be showcased in “The Den”) and branding irons we picked up at an auction. Doesn’t everyone have branding irons in their living room?

Other accessories in the room include an old ship light (under the mantel) filled with white pillar candles, massive (and very heavy) chrome fish that once adorned a U.S. yacht of some sort, or so we are told, and gold-leaf nesting tables and a matching make-shift magazine rack.

The house was previously heated using cast iron radiators. Although we’ve decommissioned that furnace for a brand new one, we nevertheless left one radiator in the room for architectural detail. This room also did not have any hard wired lighting so we added pot lights, which are an excellent and practical update to any room. As you can also see from the ‘before’ photos, this room (along with every other room on the first floor) was wallpapered, and the subsequent removal and preparation of the walls was a huge job. It took many hours of scraping, seam filling, sanding, and more seam filling to have them smooth and paint-ready.

The room is now complete. It is a cozy, warm room that we are happy to have. Truth be told we are most happy to have a place to sit comfortably! However, the pretty things are nice too!


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13 thoughts on “Reveal – Living Room

  1. Holy moly! I love love love your living room! You did such a fantastic job arranging the gallery wall and I LOVE the hutch – where’d you find that beaut? The pillows on the sofa and chairs are great too and the coffee table book looks very intriguing also 😉

    • Great eye, Jennifer! Not likely something anyone would see at Cottage Industry. However, “Locker Room Nudes: Dieux du Stade” is a must have for any mature, self-respecting gay man. Believe it or not, it was a housewarming gift!

    • On the TCH, just past Cornwall (on the right) and before Gass’ Petro Canada. Very cool shiz however, now closed for season.

  2. I feel like there should be 1/2 size glass doors at the entrance to this room so that you can view but not touch. Do you ever get to read your coffee table book? Seems like you could spend a nice relaxing day just sitting and looking around the room. Amazing!

    • That is very sweet of you, Janice. Thanks. However, you know us well enough to know we have rules and the #1 rule is everything must be used! Not a museum! Don’t usually “read” the coffee table book but we enjoy it nonetheless.

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