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People often ask us how we decide what a room will look like in the end or how we know where to start. The answer is usually found with where we start and where that is can depend on many, many things. For our master bedroom we started with the lamps.

We saw the lamps at Winners and instantly loved the incredibly mix of raspberry red and indigo blue. With the purchase of those lamps we had the beginnings of our bedroom. The couch would come later and originally was not planned for the bedroom. To be honest, we had no idea where it would go except that we loved it and had to have it when we saw it at an auction. HAD to have it.

The turquoise throw cushions, as was a small turquoise table not in the shot, were originally purchased for the den. However, we would eventually go in a different direction with the den leaving the pillows temporarily homeless. I assume you can see where this is going? To recap, we had lamps but not much else. So from this was born our master bedroom design.

The wall colour is Behr’s Palm Breeze. It is a very light green – the same green found on the small leaves on the lamp shades. That is where we chose the colour from. The sheets are a similar colour as is one of the accent pillows on the bed. The comforter is a basic, versatile white with a bit of detail at the bottom.

Headboards can be expensive so we opted for a more versatile option. Our headboard is actually wallpaper framed with random trim we purchased at the local flea market and had cut to size. We used our very favourite white (Behr’s Pot-of-Cream) to paint the trim to ensure it provided necessary definition. The headboard cost about $100, including wallpaper, and took less than two hours to complete.

The curtains are the same raspberry red found in the lamp shades. They are ready-made panels from Fabricville and we got them on sale, 50% off. The end tables were $10 each and spray painted. The accessories on top are a mix of Today’s Treasures including something from a local pottery shop and a coveted piece by Scott Barnim. Also, on the right bedside table you will see our dear peacock! The light fixture is one that was already in the house but in a different room. The brushed nickel finish goes well with the base of the lamps.

So, voila! There you have it. That is exactly how that room came together and needless to say we love it. A relaxing, yet colourful and of course, restful room. Enjoy!

This first photo is of the room as the previous owner’s had it, and was taken during one of our viewings before we bought the property.  The wall colour is actually a light blue, but the reflection from the curtains make it look pink.

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6 thoughts on “Reveal – Master Bedroom

  1. Stunning! I love the explanation of each detail. I have those same end tables (found in the old farm house) and they are stored away in the attic along with other various things. I never liked them until I saw them painted white!!! I am planning on digging them out!

  2. Who knew our invitation in would be straight to the Master! So simple, yet so eye popping – I could never have imagined raspberry and turquoise together but they get along smashingly! I LOVE this room.

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