Reveal – The Exterior

It started with hope and a vision. We were hopeful there were wood shingles underneath the vinyl siding and we envisioned a beautifully restored red house. We think, in the end, hope sprung eternal and our vision was executed. And more to the point, it is finished!

The colour is Benjamin Moore’s “Caliente”. We love it. We picked it out weeks before the first shingle was to be painted. You see, it took us three days, with three people and two dumpsters full to get the vinyl siding and metal trim off. After that we needed something to feed our souls so we went to House of Excellence to pick out the colour(s). Given the siding didn’t come off until the end of August and we knew we would be painting well into October, we purchased paint that allowed us to work in temperatures as low as four degrees. We did not, however, think we would be painting into November. We were.

Although the shingles and clapboard were in excellent condition when we removed them, they still required some love. After all, the vinyl siding was put on with hundreds, if not thousands, of nails. Each nail hole was filled with a special wood epoxy, allowed to cure and then sanded along with each and every inch of the exterior. Then went on the primer, the first coat of paint, the second and last coat of paint and finally, the trim.

Parts of the exterior had to be restored. You will see in the photos that thee edges of the window sills were notched out at the ends so the vinyl siding could be placed on flush with the rest of the house. Sacrilege! In addition to this, the original headers above the windows and brackets along the eves were knocked off. We had new headers and brackets custom milled to restore the exterior to its original appearance and grandeur. The window sills were also restored.

We put all new windows in the house and they are, obviously, white. The go well with the white trim. The black, we think, is a very sharp accent colour adding some drama and an “anchor” to the house.

The condition of the back deck speaks for itself. It took C and I all of an hour to rip it apart and throw it in the dumpster. The new deck was custom built by Blackhawk Custom Builders (amazing work!) and we had privacy screens added for comfort. We kept the front step simple so as not to detract from the detail of the headers and brackets however, it needed to be painted black and not kept its original colour.

The exterior doors are Jeld-Wen and purchased from Metro Building Supplies. The exterior lights are off the shelf from Home Depot and we got an AMAZING deal on them. The previous exterior lights on the front of the house were solar-powered and we needed hard-wired! All the exterior lights are the same, as are the doors, for consistency and cohesion. The mailbox is a simple black one with a brushed nickel finish while the house number above the door is a little more ornate, for character.

The exterior is finished and we are very happy and relieved. Most of the interior is finished and what’s left will be wrapped up in the next couple of weeks. Today, for the first time since moving in, the house was organized and clean enough that we were able to comfortably walk inside in bare feet. The end is near, and so is our comfort. Much the way this jewel of a house was sprung from its oppressive siding, we are being sprung from our camping-like living arrangements.

Was this hard work? Yes. Did it take more time and money than we thought? Yes. Would be do it all over again? Absolutely!



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26 thoughts on “Reveal – The Exterior

  1. What a transformation, just amazing, you guys can be so proud of your work, it is so nice to see an old place brought back to life. The colors are fab and the patio looks great for a lot of “Happy Hours” Job will done, it is no nice to see the reveal
    will see you guys real soon. It sure is Home now. Enjoy

  2. Great job you two! I remember driving by this summer, and thought “oh dear…’ someone missed by a whole lot,,then a week or so later drove by and realized it was the primer! Super classic finish! Such hard work isn’t it?

  3. What you guys don’t know is that once upon a time I worked for the Heritage Conservation Program, the federal organization that was responsible for restoring, renovating and rejuvenating, and maintaining properties around the country (for example: Louisbourg, Province House, Dalvey House, Rideau Canal, etc) that had historic or heritage meaning to Canadians. I developed a deep appreciation for heritage and the saving of vernacular structures, such as your house, instead of bulldozing them for new ‘modern’ buildings.
    Only seeing the finished outside (though snippets of inside shots–more boys and girls bathroom updates, please!) of your house, you’ve done an amazing and wonderful job that you both should be immensely proud of! (And kudos to all of your helper elves!) Congratulations, Craig and Christopher! Here’s to wonderful times for each of you and you together in your house!

  4. i keep scrolling back and forth between the before and after photos – it doesn’t even look like the same house! you guys did an amazing job!

  5. I cannot say anything that has not been said above. But you have truly outdone yourselves this time. Simply amazing! The attention to detail is just incredible. Looking forward to you inviting us in.

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