Deal of a Christmas

Believe it or not, we love most things antique or vintage. No really, we do. In particular, we love antique Christmas ornaments. There is something legit, nostalgic and interesting about these little suckers. The colours; the textures; the shapes. We love them. However, what we don’t love are the prices. A set in their original box can run you up to $8/piece or approximately $95/dozen. Yes, we have (shamefully) paid that before.

C gets his love of antiques from his family, in particular his mother and grandmother. A few years ago I was telling C’s mother (Mama Jane) about our love of antique Christmas ornaments – she has quite a collection herself. She listened quietly and said she would keep her eyes and ears open for some. A few weeks later a “surprise” showed up in the mail from Mama Jane. Taking our love of antique ornaments under advisement she was able to secure C’s grandparents entire collection of antique Christmas ornaments – talk about legit! This collection is in pristine condition with many boxes having their price tags still on them (Stedmans, $ 0.10). What treasures to receive; our first year of having a “real” tree and it was covered in inherited Christmas ornaments that have a special place in C’s heart.

Now, after having such a vast collection, our pursuit of them in shops was less so. However, we still look, pick up and discuss. A few weeks ago we went to a local craft and artisan fair and we hit the mother-load of antique and vintage ornaments. We have NEVER seen so many in one place. Wow. It was a Friday night and the fair ended on Sunday. The table belonged to a husband and wife duo and the wife announced to us “He is not taking a single one of these back home with him so if you boys want to come back here on Sunday evening we will give you a smokin’ deal”. You don’t have to tell us twice.

When we went back on Sunday evening the husband wasn’t there, but the wife asked us to wait.  She told us if he wasn’t back by a certain time she would make us a deal. Well, he didn’t come back so we started making deals. However, in the middle of our deal-makin’, out of nowhere, he appeared.  He looked at us, then he looked at his wife, then he looked back at us and said “You can have this whole God damned table for $x”. OMG! Deal of a lifetime.

C countered with a price and he said “Don’t be an asshole. Go to the ATM, get the money and get these fucking ornaments out of here. This is 20 God damned years of collecting and I am done. Sell these fuckers on Ebay and make a fortune”. OMG. So C went to the ATM and now the collection of four large boxes of antique/vintage Christmas ornaments are now ours. All shapes and sizes, colours and textures. One of the boxes was so large it had to go in the front seat while C sat in the back. #shoppingproblems

So now we have an enormous collection of antique Christmas ornaments. What will we do with them, you ask? Well, we just bought a 7ft white Christmas tree that comes prelit with 500 lights. It will need some ornaments along with our “real” tree in the living room. Merry Christmas to us. Oh, and if you are interested in some of these “God damned” ornaments, let us know and I am sure we could work something out. We will not, however, be selling “the fuckers” on Ebay.

11 thoughts on “Deal of a Christmas

    • Love the hashtags. I am afraid the photos are just a cursory shot of what else awaits in those boxes. When are you home next? You are welcome to poke through…

  1. oh MAN!!!!! I love those fragile little suckers! Just looking at the pictures makes me want to hold them.
    We used to have a tree full of ones exactly like them when I was growing up.. and with four kids around for many of those Christmases, the rule was that you had to line up and each pick one ornament (after mom had attached the wire hanger) in turn, and then get it to the tree without fumbling. So they still fill me with a sense of awe and a slight feeling of unease (the fear of crushing them into a billion tiny reflective fragments).
    What an amazing score.. they’ve totally gone to the best home they could have ever asked for. I can’t wait to see a picture of what the trees look like in all their splendor.

  2. I’d just LOVE reach into those boxes & check out those ornaments !!! What a find !!
    You Guys are going to need another storage locker !
    Love with Lots of Christmas Cheer, Mama Jane

  3. It’s official – we’re kindred spirits. In addition to brown paper packages tied up with string, vintage Christmas ornaments top my list of favorite things. I’m seriously excited to see all these beautiful baubles on display at your Christmas do.

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