Let There Be Light

Voila! Here is our new light fixture for the dining room. Light fixtures are an incredibly important detail in any room. They are often (depending on taste, of course!) an inexpensive way of creating variation, definition and interest in a room. Light fixtures and paint, of course.

This lovely piece comes to us via the local Ikea shoppers and delivery service. Seriously. Because we don’t have an Ikea here a local “company” has decided they will make monthly trips to Ikea to do shopping for those that wish. You place your order and then you meet them at the local Burger King parking lot on a Sunday morning to pick up your order. Brilliant, really. It isn’t as covert or sketchy as it sounds – you don’t have to roll up beside them in the parking lot with a code term like “Gimme your whopper but hold the bacon”.

Our dining room no longer looks like a storage locker. However, at this expense was sending several items back to the official storage locker. We have a lot of stuff. Our dining room is  coming together beautifully. It was a great weekend here at The Empire. We are on track to have the house finished for our mid-December deadline. Stay tuned for reveal week!

Happy Monday!

EDIT: For those of you interested in taking advantage of this fabulous service you can contact them via their website at: MyBoxBuyer.com

4 thoughts on “Let There Be Light

  1. So thinking of trying to make a little trip to the Island when I get home…. any chance of getting a tour of the fabulous house!!!!!!!

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