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Dear DIY Doris
We recently added shutters to our home and now want to paint the front door to give it that extra splash of color but just cannot find the perfect hue.  I have an idea of what color I want but wish to hear your thoughts first.  What color would be ideal for the front door….and should we also paint the garage door to tone down all that white?
Your adoring fan, Jan.
Dear Jan,

Thanks for the note and picture! First of all, I really must compliment the lovely plantings around your front entry way. Really well done!

I hope you had a chance to see the other piece about front door colours and have had a chance to think a little about your choices.

Now to your questions…first we will address the garage door. I AM a big fan of painting garage doors. They are very often JUST what you described…a BIG expanse of white! I think it is a great idea to paint out the doors in a colour close to the house colour, and have it blend in. My husband would say “Why would you paint a beautiful white door like that?” “It is just too much!” is my usual reply…to many of his comments, actually. If you don’t want it to blend in completely, try a colour just a shade darker than your house colour. I do not endorse painting the garage door the same colour as the front door. I know people do it, but that doesn’t make it right.

As to your front door colour, I think that depends on your own taste. Your home is neutral colours now, so technically almost any colour could be applied. A deep red would be the classic choice for a gray house with dark shutters. Orange is my favourite colour, and I might choose to put a deep burnt orange with this gray. I suspect the beautiful fall colours in your photo have influenced that choice! Think about the colours that you love. Then choose a shade of that colour that is deep enough to complement the gray, but also warm up your entrance.

Best of luck.  Do make sure to send us some ‘after’ pics.
In design,
Doris ♥

One thought on “DIY Doris – Door colours continued

  1. I always knew we were kindred spirits! Burnt orange is exactly what I thought might work on the door, but needed your expert opinion before giving it a try. I wonder if my friends C & C will let me borrow their paint chip deck to ensure the perfect shade of burnt orange? The garage door tip was very helpful – I think we will save that project for the spring. Thanks so much for the praise on my flowers….I DO love to garden! My spirea got a bit wild this year so I am looking forward to giving it a nice trim and shape in the spring. You know where to find me if you ever need any gardening advice!

    Thanks for the advice!

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