Doris and her Digits

Doris now has her very own email address. She is really moving up the world, she is. If you have a DIY issue that requires a bit of help or advice – and prefer it delivered with wit, style and a sharp tongue – Doris is your gal. Give her a yell: dori

A bit more about DIY Doris:

Do you want to refinish an old piece of furniture, but don’t know how? Are you ever required to pick out a paint colour but have no idea where to begin? Are you flummoxed by the seemingly daunting task of removing wallpaper? Well, even we here at the Ottoman Empire sometimes have these issues and when we do, we call DIY Doris.

Doris is a wonderful friend of the Empire and has been with us since the beginning. Whether it was the great paint colour debacle of May 2010 or the shopping spree of a lifetime in Summer 2011, Doris, her minivan, and her unending support and advice are always there. In fact, when Doris and her minivan aren’t shuttling gay men to and from antique shops you can often find her taxiing teenage girls from dance class to pit parties. She does it all, with grace and wit.

4 thoughts on “Doris and her Digits

  1. Hi, just a quick note of thanks for mentioning my little “doggy lamp” on Etsy. You were instrumental in getting him adopted and out of vintage toy pound. 😉 He sold last night.

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