Today’s Treasure

We came across this beauty this summer on our much mentioned spree, and weren’t sure what we thought of it (well, I wasn’t).  After a bit of deliberation, and contemplation, we knew we couldn’t pass it up.

Needless to say, C. and I were a bit apprehensive about touching it initially, and had to ask the sales lady to put it in a bag for us.

Now that we have him/her home, I can’t stop rubbing my feet on it.  SO soft and warm!

It has found a place to spend the winter, in our den.

Today’s Treasure

No back light

With back light (and who doesn’t love back-lighting?)

Isn’t she lovely, sitting there so elegantly. A perfect port-de-bra and amazing extension. What more could a girl ask for? This particular little lady was picked up in one of our favourite antique haunts. The shop is actually the home of the owners – they turn it into a shop in the summer so you are literally traipsing around their house, shopping. I found her upstairs in one of the bedrooms. What is she? A TV lamp, of course. Her tag says:

…because it gives a soft indirect light, and casts no glare on screen. When used in pairs, on a mantel, buffet, tables, or in the boudoir, these smart-looking PHIL-MAR creations add modern decorator styling to your room.

PHIL-MAR Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio
Style No: 160
Color: Lava Green

In case you are wondering, the cherry wallpaper is going. However, she is staying. She is indeed a treasure.


Yarn Art

It’s all the rage. It is. House and Home said so in their latest edition!

A couple of years ago I learned to knit. I had always wanted to learn and was up for the challenge. So my friend HL and I clipped off to community school in the dead of winter to learn how to knit. There we sat, in my old English classroom, amongst all the ladies learning how to knit, I the only male. And no, we weren’t there for the lunch of cubed cheddar cheese and apple juice. We really wanted to learn how to knit! Learning how to knit isn’t easy. It takes practice, patience and a good mentor. I was fortunate to have or found all of these things. Well, maybe not the patience. Not a particularly patient person, although I try.

My best friend SJR is an avid, if not obsessive, knitter. A good number of people in her family are including her cousin, or cousint, RAB. RAB is an amazing knitter and was gracious enough to take me under her knitting needled wing. RAB spent many hours fixing my mistakes, coaching me and taking frantic phone calls from the yarn shop (IHAVENOIDEAWHATTHESYMBOLONTHELABELMEANS). Under RAB’s tutelage I learned to knit, and well. RAB has become a good friend, confidant and special advisor to The Empire. She knows all our secrets!

The swatch you see in the photo above was knit by me. I had a grand idea of making a scarf out of this yarn and pattern. However, as you can see, a “scarf” of this size could easily double as a horse blanket. I abandoned ship before finishing yet couldn’t rip apart the piece due to the amount of work that had gone into it – the cabling mostly. So, this piece sat in my knitting box for months on end until I came across an article in House and Home that spoke of yarn art. Amazing! My piece, and hard work, has been saved.

In classic RAB fashion she brought over push-pins yesterday to help mount the yarn art in its shadow box; its new home. RAB had to bring over push pins because our house is shockingly disorganized right now and there would be no hope in hell of push-pins anywhere in the house. Why was I wanting to make yarn art instead of organizing, you ask? Denial. And I felt the yarn art would feed my soul more… at that moment, anyway.

So, voila! A piece of art made by me and for our new home. C says it is going to hang in the kitchen. I can’t wait to have it surround us and have an opportunity to admire it every day. I also can’t wait for you to be exposed to RAB and her home, do-it-yourself, prowess. Keep your eyes peeled, she just may be the next guest writer here at The Empire.