Today’s Treasure

How could I not? She is definitely one of those “OMGWHATISITITHINKILOVEIT” pieces and I had to have it. I purchased her at one of our favourite antique shops (BC Antiques, Kensington). There were several treasures there today but believe it or not, we showed restraint. Instead of large treasures, I got her. I also got the most amazing pair of vintage ice skates. You will most likely see them next as a styling piece in The Church.

Technically I didn’t really pay for her. She was more like a gift with purchase. I had decided to buy the skates and when I found her said “$10 for both?” and Lowell, of course, agreed. I wonder what he thinks of us or the stuff we buy? We heart Lowell.

I am not sure where our love for peacocks came from but it is in full bloom. We had amazing peacock wallpaper in our last house and just today hung more, albeit a different colour and pattern, in our bedroom. Await the reveal! I love this peacock even more because one of her tail feathers is slightly bent – like me, or most of us. She will find a place of pride somewhere in our home but like all our other treasures, for now she will likely find herself in the spare room come storage locker. At any rate, we are glad to have her. To peacocks!

6 thoughts on “Today’s Treasure

    • No, not sure. At first I called it a turkey but Craig corrected me and said it was a peacock. He pays attention to detail so I believed him.

  1. She’s a him. Male peacocks are the ones with the plumage. The females are actually called peahens and are not very colourful.

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