Before & After – Front door

Well really, who doesn’t love a good before & after?

We had an amazing weekend here at The Ottoman Empire.  We kicked off on Friday at the PEI Tweet Up, receiving our ‘Break Out Tweeter’ award.  What a great start to the weekend.

It was followed by two amazing fun (and work) filled days of painting.  On Saturday we had JM #1, CK, DS, RL, RH, RB, WCG and I here.  On Sunday there was JM #2, JM #3, CK, KL, DP, RB, WCG and I.  I think in total we put on about 6-7 gallons of paint, and are leaps and bounds closer to being completely finished with the exterior renovation.

The weather was great, and it seems like everyone and their dog was out and about,  driving by, walking by, running by, riding by, etc…  Everyone (even lots of random strangers) had lots to say about the transformation that the house has already undergone.  One tends to forget, if they are involved everyday in the process, how far we have actually come along and it was only when I was going through my pictures last night to find one of the back door/deck to post in yesterday’s post that we were reminded of how much actually has been done.

Here’s a reminder of what the front door used to look like:

And here’s a picture of what the front door looks like now:

The new door from Metro Building Supplies, new light fixtures, new mailbox, custom milled header, and of course, the paint job has done wonders to breathe some new life into this house.

Hopefully another couple weeks, and the big reveal will be ready!

Have a great week everyone!

13 thoughts on “Before & After – Front door

  1. Great job on the house ! I read your story this am and was impressed . Just in case you are interested in an old church………..Mt Ryan church is a give away to anyone who wants it. It is to be moved and is located in Johnston’s River.
    Good Luck with your future projects

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