Today’s Treasure

No back light

With back light (and who doesn’t love back-lighting?)

Isn’t she lovely, sitting there so elegantly. A perfect port-de-bra and amazing extension. What more could a girl ask for? This particular little lady was picked up in one of our favourite antique haunts. The shop is actually the home of the owners – they turn it into a shop in the summer so you are literally traipsing around their house, shopping. I found her upstairs in one of the bedrooms. What is she? A TV lamp, of course. Her tag says:

…because it gives a soft indirect light, and casts no glare on screen. When used in pairs, on a mantel, buffet, tables, or in the boudoir, these smart-looking PHIL-MAR creations add modern decorator styling to your room.

PHIL-MAR Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio
Style No: 160
Color: Lava Green

In case you are wondering, the cherry wallpaper is going. However, she is staying. She is indeed a treasure.


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