Today’s Treasure

We walked by this lamp at least a dozen times before finally paying it the attention it so deserves. It was without shades in the shop and I think, for me, that was a turn off. Who likes a bare bulb? Well… you know what I mean. At any rate, we finally rescued this beautiful wonder from its lonesome home atop the bar-cart in the shop and brought it home. We picked up the three shades at Home Depot and although combined they cost almost as much as the lamp, they are necessary. And yes, those are glass teardrops hanging from the lamp and yes, the lamp will have a place of honour in our living room full of gold and cream coloured accessories. Gold and cream, of course, to offset the otherwise nontraditional bursts of colour to be found elsewhere in the living room.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Treasure

  1. Lovely lamp you guys. A real treasure indeed. So, you say this lamp was atop a bar-cart??? A bar-cart is on my list of must-haves 🙂

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