Mark Butcher II (update)

As many of you know, I recently purchased a Mark Butcher chair. Needless to say, I have become slightly obsessed (understatement) with Butcher, and this weekend, I mad

e a major purchase that contributed significantly to my (new-found) collection.

The shop that I purchased the first Butcher chair from had a number of other Butcher items, and since that initial purchase I have been thinking of nothing but adding to my collection. So much so, that on our way to Halifax a few weeks ago we stopped in to the shop and I inquired with the salesperson about the possibility of purchasing all of the Butcher items that they had in stock (I know, slightly crazy, and perhaps a bit infatuated).

I had a lovely chat with the owner, and she hauled out her notepad to check her inventory and ‘do some figures’. She gave me a considerable discount (due to the number of items I would potentially be purchasing) and settled on a number. I told her I would think about it and we carried on our way.

The price was somewhat more than I had hoped to pay, so I have been mulling it over for the past number of weeks, allowing the thoughts of Mark Butcher consume my daydreams. On Friday I finally caved in, and called the shop. After another lovely chat, I gathered the courage to ask for a further discount….The shopkeeper hummed and haahed, and told me that she would have to consult her husband and call me back. I waited in agony for what seemed like hours before the phone rang.

“Yes”, she said. “We can do that price”. The rest, as they say, is history.

We drove out to pick them up on Saturday afternoon, and they are now safe and sound, in our house.

Without further ado, here they are:

1. This amazing slant top desk.

I love its utilitarian form, its dents and worn corners. I can imagine in my mind it sitting in a shop, or a post office, or a general store. Can picture the many hands that have opened its top, and used it to store all sorts of important belonging and items that were held close to heart.

Here is its unmistakeable ‘bell’ turning on the leg. Clearly a Butcher.

2. Chairs

I was also able to bring home two pair of chairs.

This first one has a very interesting design, with a slightly more formal form than the first chair that I purchased.

They have a very interesting rosette on the front stretcher, and some intricate detailing.

3. More chairs.

I also bought this pair of chairs. Though they may not be an exact match (one of them is ever so slightly larger than the other), they are very close. Of course, as you can see, one of them is painted also. I’m excited to make it a little refinishing project.

4. Another chair.

This chair, that I have left for last, is my absolute favourite to date. It is slightly more formal, a bit more stately, and it is a very nice example of the other style of leg that Butcher is well known for; the upside down tulip.

What am I going to do with all this furniture, you may ask? The chairs with the rosettes will flank our sideboard in the dining room (whenever it is finished). The desk will go in the living room. The amazing ‘tulip’ chair will sit in our hallway. And the other chairs? Well, I’m not so sure. What I am certain of, is that they will be loved and cherished.

My Mark Butcher collection grew considerably this weekend, and I am very happy because of it.


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