Shine On

These are shower hooks. However, they aren’t just regular run of the mill shower hooks. No. These shower hooks were individually hand painted with clear nail polish. They were individually hand painted with clear nail polish to give them a high gloss finish to ensure they shine. They need to shine so they can match the other high gloss accessories in the beach-themed bathroom. The beach-themed bathroom will be unveiled soon. Until then, enjoy the shine!

One thought on “Shine On

  1. Hi Craig and Christopher! I love your blog! Can’t wait until each one comes out and find myself nodding, ‘um hum, yup, yup’ in agreement! I just wanted to let you know that there are some really fab drawer pulls on sale at Winners–one of the end shelves in the homestuff aisles! I thought of you when I saw them; alas, I have no place to use them.
    Still missing you at Bootcamp, Craig! It’s odd getting up when the stars are still out full tilt in the am, but great to be outside vs in a gym. See you both at the TweetUp on 21 Oct!

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