Kijiji is a magical invention and we love it. We’ve bought and sold many, many things on Kijiji. What can you sell on Kijiji, you ask? Well, have a gander at the following photos:

Yes, those are Beanie Babies (mother-in-laws) and yes, that is a collection of Red Rose Figurines. Yes, the ones that used to come in boxes of tea. Yes, there were 42 more including the rare gingerbread man and black sheep. This particular sell was for a friend and a definite “solid”. It was a difficult item, or collection, to get rid of but we did. Oh yes, we did.

We’ve purchased rugs, exercise bicycles (don’t ask) and amazing local art on Kijiji, but more importantly we’ve sold a lot on Kijiji. For example, we recently sold so many things from the new house (cabinets we no longer wanted and cast iron radiators) we made enough money to cover the cost of reupholstering the couch. Now, the cast iron radiators.

They are in demand. I listed an ad on Kijiji for them mid-Saturday morning past. They were sold by early afternoon. I got an ominous email about wanting to purchase the radiators and a request for our phone number. Within seconds of sending the email with our phone number, the phone rang – I gave directions. Within minutes of hanging up a gigantic Dodge Ram 3500 along with a gigantic man and his two lackeys showed up at the door. This man reminded me of Hagrid, but with red hair, from Harry Potter. Not a lot of conversation exchanged – I was slightly nervous and became painfully aware of my striped cardigan and Lulu Lemon pants. C was up a ladder on the side of the house and decided to stay there.

The men inspected the radiators and then made their move. The Dodge was backed up over the curb, sidewalk and front steps to the front door. The radiator was muscled onto the back of the truck. The truck was then pulled around back and the scene at the front was repeated. While standing in the kitchen Big Fella says “Ya, you gotta black sheep for sale”. A what? “A black sheep. You know, one of them there figarines”. OMG. He wants the last of the Red Rose figurine collection. Why yes we do… however, I don’t know where it is. I will be right back. Out to the ladder I go “WHEREISTHEBLACKSHEEPHEWANTSTOBUYIT!”. It is in the storage locker. GAH! I go back to tell him but he is already in the truck with the second cast iron radiator in the back. One lacky is left and I deliver the message – we will have it tomorrow.

I took my chances and sent him an email the next day “I have the black sheep” – yes, we are dealing figurines. Within an hour a knock came at the back door so thunderous the cat ran to the basement. He stepped inside, slammed $10 on the kitchen counter, picked up the sheep and exclaimed he had never seen one so small before. And I’ve never seen a man so large standing in my kitchen before.

I love Kijiji. You never know who you are going to have show up at your door. Like the lady who brought a zip-lock back of her own dirt when buying an old vacuum cleaner from us. No, I really do love Kijiji. I love it because, in the words of my mother, “You Never Know What You Are Going to Get”.

6 thoughts on “Kijiji

  1. another great story of buy, sell and trade, love the descriptions, you are a true writer. Great to see you folks out last evening, it felt like summer for sure. keep the stories coming

  2. I enjoyed reading this post so much Christopher! Thanks for the laugh. You two are extremely talented and I hope to learn a thing or two from your blog 🙂

  3. Holy Micky Spillane! After reading that I went to the top shelf, took it down and started knocking back the Red Rose. Only in Canada, they say.

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