Today’s Treasure

Fabulocity comes in many shapes, sizes and colours. True, this is not as fun as plastic pineapple lamps or Stations of the Cross but it is nevertheless fabulous. This, Ottomonites, is a fiberglass oil tank German engineered for the North American Market. When dealing with something that could cause a small environmental and financial disaster, you go high-end. You find out what your insurance company would prefer, what your plumbing and heating contractor suggests as the best of the best and you do your online research to find out which oil tank is truly “fabulous”. Well, for us, this is it. It does look a bit, as KL so aptly described, like an alien. However, if this alien keeps us and Mother Earth safe and allows us to sleep well at night, I am ok with that. Fabulocity is indeed about fabrics and paint colours but it also about ensuring those fabrics and paint colours have a healthy and safe home.

To aliens!

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