We’ve found and purchased the fabric for the couch! Last week we went fabric shopping and found a sample of a fabric we liked. We took the sample home and immediately placed it on the Bergere chairs to make sure it matched the patterns. Yes, patterns as in more than one! Again, more on these chairs later.

We then took the sample and placed it on the back, side and bottom of the couch. Success! The fabric is perfect. It is an excellent neutral with unique colouring and slight texture that will make the couch a more sustainable piece of furniture. Depending on the throw pillows, the new fabric should make the couch versatile enough for just about any palette and decor style. We are so excited!

A word on clearance sections (in general) but given the subject of this post, in fabric stores. Clearance sections tend to be where the more unique types of fabric are. They are usually on sale because they weren’t popular. If they weren’t popular that means they are more unique and therefore more interesting. They are, of course, also cheaper. For example, the fabric we purchased was only $4.98/m so the total cost for fabric to recover our couch was just over $50. We would have been losing money not to buy it! Given we purchased the couch on Kijiji and have an upholsterer with fair pricing, we will have a custom made couch for about $1000. That, my friends, is a steal of a deal.

Yay to fabric, furniture and new couches to come.

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  1. Yes, clearance sections can be treasure troves. Give life and love to the under appreciated. Found a vintage circus themed print in the clearance section last spring and it still puts a smile on my face. It spoke and I listened. 😀

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