Today’s treasure

The Hudson’s Bay Blanket is one of our most recognizable national symbols (in my humble opinion), and I have wanted one for a long time.  I love the vintage look, and as an accessory they scream ‘true North strong and free’.  Lately they have become de rigueur, and I have been seeing them pop up in design magazines all over the place (like here, and here, and here, and finally here).

All this attention they have been getting has ramped up my need for one, and so a few weeks ago is spoke to our friend JB (The Antique Whisperer).  We have over the past few months gotten to know JB a little bit, as he is a bit of an antique wheeler and dealer, and has a small antique shop in his basement.  We call him the antique whisperer as he seems to have an uncanny ability to unearth just what we are looking for (more about JB later).

I called JB and spoke to him about the fact that I was looking for a HBC Blanket, and asked him if he had any for sale.  I was originally looking for the traditional multi-coloured blanket, but also spoke to him about the holy grail of HBC Blankets, the “Coronation Blanket”.

In 1937 (for one year only) HBC produced and issued a blanket to commemorate the coronation of King George VI.  Imperial blue with red stripes and points, this is one of the rarest HBC blankets.

Once again, in 1953, HBC produced and issued a blanket to commemorate a coronation, this time for HM Queen Elizabeth II.  Also very rare, this blanket is Imperial purple with white stripes and points.

About two days after I spoke to JB he called and said he had a blanket for me, and asked me if I wanted to come over and take a look.  The next day, C. and I took a drive to go see JB and lo and behold, look what he had for me………!

A blanket fit for a queen.

This blanket makes me very happy.


9 thoughts on “Today’s treasure

    • If it’s the red Hudson’s Bay Blanket with black stripe that used to be in the cupboard above the washing machine, then yes! We’d love to have it.

  1. This is my dream blanket! I have been searching everywhere for one for years in vain. So jealous of your amazing happy ending 🙂

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