The Couch: Part 2

In this post I talked about the need to reupholster our couch and the reasons why. I also mentioned it needed to be steam cleaned. Well, we did steam clean the couch but it wasn’t without incident.

C steamed cleaned the couch last Saturday morning; it was a beautiful day. To help the couch dry we placed it outside on the lawn. You know exactly where this is going and going is almost exactly where our gorgeous, new-to-us couch almost went.

I was sitting in the living room by the open window and the couch was just outside. I saw a mini-van roll by the house rather slowly and suspiciously – then it stopped. Then my heart stopped. I was in total denial as to what was happening despite knowing full well what was. Out hopped the Missus and the Mister to inspect the goods. They picked up the cushions “Smells clean…” whispers the missus, “It’s in great shape” says the mister. “No, no, OMGNO, this isn’t happening…” is all I could think. Well it started to happen. When I finally decided to look they had all of the cushions in their van and were starting to lift up the frame of the couch. How they thought it was going to fit is beyond me.

I stuck my head out the front door and said “Sorry, that’s not for the taking”. “Oh, oh sorry” said the Mister with the Missus chiming in shortly thereafter with “Oh sorry, the house looks abandoned”. I said “Oh, well, oh… it isn’t. It’s fine, just put everything back. We washed it this morning and had it out in the sun drying” to which the Missus said “Well geez, you have a dumpster in front of your house so it looks abandoned”. Um, we are restoring/renovating the exterior. Fearing I may lose it at the indignation and turn an honest misunderstanding into a small war, I asked C for back-up. He stuck his head out to which the Mister said “Oh, oh sorry for the confusion” with the Missus chiming in shortly thereafter with “WELL! There are no curtains on the house… it looks abandoned”. C told them, as I did, to just put the cushions back; all was fine. They did put the cushions back and leave but not before the Missus said to the Mister “Well Jesus, it does look abandoned and like it was just there sittin there for the taken”. We took the couch in shortly after this incident.

I am glad we didn’t lose the couch. I am also glad I know my limits.

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