The Couch

The Couch

I love this couch. I do. I didn’t at first, but I do now. If you squint when looking at the photo you can see the previous owner(s) also loved it; they loved it so much they left a perma-sweat/grime stain on it. This must go.

When C first sent me a link to the ad for the couch on Kijiji my immediate reaction was “NO!” because at the time we were thinking of a different decor direction for the living room. However, as we were going through the decorating process our direction changed and my love for the couch blossomed. It is just so long and has so many tufted buttons. It is fierce.

When we went to view it before purchasing, it looked great. However, we were in the basement of a split level in the suburbs – the light was deceiving and we did not have a clear picture of the work the couch needed. That, combined with it being thrown in a storage locker for a month, lead to our denial. We thought a good ole fashioned steam cleaning would take care of the issues. Wrong. Then, of course, there was the rogue cat incident.

Our house was a beehive of activity the first few days we moved in with many people in and out all the doors. At that time a neighbourhood cat got in, and stayed in our house for at least a day. Our cat lost her mind. She also lost bladder control… all over the couch… three times. See, the rogue cat was in the basement where her cat box is and combined with being afraid to go through the cat door she refused to use her litter box. So instead she pissed all over the white couch leaving many stains and a wretched smell. It was as if she was trying to take us out of our couch denial “This couch is dirty, psssssst… you need to re-upholster this thing, psssssst… as if you are going to be so cheap you won’t add more fierceness to this thing, psssstt…” Thank- you Pickel, point taken. So now we will re-upholster it.

The challenge now is to find a fabric that is fierce, complementary and works with the room. The living room walls will be a dark grey and the Berger chairs (more on these later) have accent colours of grey, black, taupe and most importantly, citrine. We are very excited about what will be the new couch but more importantly, we are excited to go fabric shopping. We are setting out this morning on a hunt for the perfect fabric and perhaps another new treasure, or two. Stay tuned to see how our adventure turns out and eventually, what fabric we choose.

6 thoughts on “The Couch

  1. Love the story about the couch, me being a cat lover, and I know from experience you cannot get cat pee smell out, ouch………

    But have a good adventure looking today, the couch does have good bones and will look fab with a new color

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