I can’t say that I was ever a fan of siding.  In fact, if I were to be brazen I would say that I hate it.  Although I do understand the peace of mind that it allows a homeowner, never needing to scrape, repair, and repaint the outside of your house, I simply cannot understand how anyone can be happy with how it robs your house of all its natural character. Saying this, I do realize that siding has come a long way in the past 40 years, and the variety of colours and styles available today are far and above what used to be on the market.  Nonetheless, I’d take natural elements (shingles, clapboard, brick, etc….) any day.

Unfortunately our house (as you can see) fell under the spell of vinyl siding.  I can’t say for certain when it was robed in this character stealing sheathing, but I would venture to guess it has been on there for 30 years or more.  Well, no longer.

Our house emerged from its vinyl cloak last week, and you could almost hear it sighing with relief, breaking out of its corset like Marie Antoinette.

We were certain that there were wood shingles under there, as we were but what shape they were in was anyone’s guess.  Surprisingly, and luckily, they are in amazing shape, and only require minimal repair and restoration.  It is our intent to breathe some new life into this house by restoring what we can of its original character, and the exterior shingles are where we will start.  One thing that did surprise us was that the front of the house was not covered in shingles, but wooden clapboard instead!  What an awesome treat.

And yet another treat was finding this original Charlottetown street sign, still attached to the side of the house.

As you can also see from the pictures, our house at one point had a number of architectural details that were removed in order to install the siding.  All of the front windows and front door at once had headers and brackets, and you can also clearly see where at one time 16 eave brackets were installed along the front eaves.

Though a modest house in its design, the original occupants did have enough money to install a few decorative features, and it is our intention to replace these details where they rightly belong.  

5 thoughts on “siding

  1. I like Header #1 the best and Header #3 the second best. And I like Bracket #2 the best but that might be because of the sheer number of brackets in the picture and you know how I feel… More is more.

  2. i lived on Edward St as a kid, until about 1983. at 106, in the upstairs apartment. i am pretty sure that i remember your house in its grey clapboard incarnation, with that street sign up the side. i learned to ride my bike going back and forth past it.

    cool to see all you’re doing, guys.

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