brackets and headers

Which ones do you like? 

As you know, we’re replacing some of the architectural details that were removed from the house to put the siding on.  C. and I took a drive around town the other day to take some pictures of the houses in the area to get an idea for what might have been originally on our house.

Let us know which ones you vote for.

Header #1

Header #2

Header #3

Bracket #1

Bracket #2

Bracket #3

Bracket #4

Bracket #5

5 thoughts on “brackets and headers

  1. Love header #1 – simple, elegant. Not sure on brackets…maybe #5.

    Will definitely follow your blog. I await the transformation…I know it will be awesome.

  2. I really love the simple and classic style of bracket #1, BUT I am leaning toward bracket #3. It is still simple, and I like the almost “dental molding” look. It is simple, and has a little more interest…of course, I would paint it out in a solid color.

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